Sickness and writing

I woke up this morning with a stomach bug.  Apparently it’s going round London.  I have felt so ill for most of the day (not as ill as my mum who came to visit and got it!) so have had to have the day off work.  It’s been horrible, but I’m feeling much better now.

I did think that there might be a silver lining in this (I’m always after the silver lining) – I thought that I’d be able to sit up all day and write loads on Italian Infatuation.  Wrong.  I spent most of the day snoozing, I didn’t even have the will to turn the TV on.  At one point I thought I’d try to write, but once the programme was open I realised it just wasn’t going to happen.  What a waste.

Or so I thought.  I started feeling better this evening so cracked out the laptop again, and have managed nearly 1000 words.  I actually want to write more, but think as I’ve been ill I should probably go to bed instead.  But I might carry on for a bit once I’ve done this.  Whether I do or not is irrelevant, I’ve done a big chunk of my daily words and I’m really happy with that.

I did manage to start another Mills and Boon book as I’d finished the last one last night.  I realised that while reading them I’m paying a lot more attention to the style, the dialogue, the way it’s written etc.  I think I can actually do this.  For a few days I’ve been worried that I’m not going to be up to writing one, but the more I read and the more I write, the more confident I get.  I’m not sure if this is fake confidence, afterall I’ve not actually read back anything I’ve written. 

Fingers crossed for feeling better tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Sickness and writing

    • Thanks, me too. Thanks for saying that – I’d been beating myself up about it, but you’re so right. I should be happy with any, 1000 IS a lot 🙂

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