Friday moans and procrastinating

It’s FRIDAY.  Oh yea!  My favourite (working) day of the week!

Lets start with the moans.  I’m having problems reading, like actually reading.  When I try to read anything on the computer or even on bright white paper (usually when there’s a light above me) I find the words jump about and sometimes (quite often) disappear.  It’s kind of been going on for a while, but has been really bad this week.  I hope it’s something simple like I’ve got the wrong strength prescription for my lenses, or they need to add a tint to my glasses (not sure what they’d do with contacts), or something.  Got an appointment on Monday.  I don’t think the optician sounded too worried, so I’ll try not to be.  Try.  It also could be something to do with the migraines I’m getting.  Who knows.  I tried to google it, but couldn’t find much at all.  I’ll start worrying on Monday depending on what the optician says then.

It has made writing today pretty hard – to the point where I’ve not been doing anything on the computer that isn’t work related.  It means I’ve had to start some daily words for NaNo on paper – do do do.  I’ve managed about 700 or something.  I’ll have to take some time this evening before I go out to write some more.

I got Flash Forward in the post yesterday.  I wanted to start reading it as soon as I got it, but a) I’m in the middle of another (Mills & Boon) book and b) I’ve got this reading problem.  It’s so annoying.  It had better get sorted before I have my time off after my operation (next Friday).

I think that’s all the procrastinating I can do for now.  Have a lovely weekend people 🙂

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