Archive | December 1, 2009

November – done. Nano – DONE!!!

What a month November was.  I am so glad it’s behind me and I can move on.  Although December started badly with a migraine, but nevermind.

So.  First thing first, I only went and ‘WON’ Nano.  I hate the word ‘won’ – I told my mum and she thought I’d come first.  Needed to explain the whole thing to her.  I’d much rather say ‘completed’.  Although next year when I can say I won last year’s I’ll be pretty happy.

It was hard – really really hard.  I was expecting it to be quite easy as I was due to have 6 working days off because of an operation (I’ll go into that a little more later) so thought I’d bash out 3, maybe 4 thousand a day.  Oh dear.  For the first 5ish days I was sleeping most hours of the day, when I wasn’t sleeping I was crying about the pain I was in (or so I felt like doing).  I wasn’t able to do any writing for that time.  Add another couple of days where writing hurt (because of the angle I had to look at the laptop and not being able to bend my head as the op was on my throat) and then a few days the boyfriend took off work for his birthday, and I got to Saturday 28th with 18,000 words left to write.

I freaked.  6,000 words a day?  Never!  My boyfriend made me feel better by saying I’d done really well considering the operation and the stress of the operation etc.  Made me feel better, but there was still that thing in me that wanted to complete it. 

I have a habit of saying I’ll do things and then never getting round to doing them.  I didn’t want Nano to be one of them.  So, I warriored through and finished the last few words at 6.20 ish last night.  Just before I finished work, which meant I had the evening free – something I was not expecting.  I wrote just over 6 thousand on Saturday, 7 on Sunday and the final 5ish on Monday. 

I still can’t believe I actually did it.  My boyfriend can’t believe that 2 months ago I was umming and ahhing about being able to write 250 a day for NovelPI, and then on Sunday I wrote 7, 000.  He can’t believe I’m the same person. 

And the novel?  It’s a Mills & Boon one, so it should be 50,000 words long.  Currently it’s 50,048 – and I probably need to do another 500 to finish it.  I really want to get that done today.  I’m pretty happy with it.  There are massive chunks I’m going to have to rewrite, where I was writing it thinking ‘this is rubbish’, but I think there’s also quite a lot that’s pretty good.  Once I’ve finished the last bit, I’ve got a couple of people who want to read it, so I think I’ll email it to them, see if they think the whole concept works.  Then go back in maybe a month or so, read it, then start the editing process.  I seem to work well under pressure, so maybe I’ll set a deadline when I’d like to have it finished by.  Maybe. 

I eventually had my operation on 13th November.  This was after they booked it twice, and had to cancel it twice.  It was such a relief to finally have it.  It went well, but as I said the first week was hell.  I rather naively thought I’d be fine afterwards, but it was horrible. I ended up having to take a whole 2 weeks off work.  I only came back yesterday. 

Also in November I got a sickness bug: my mum came down here to be there with me for one of the operation dates (that luckily got cancelled).  The night she arrived we discovered she’d brought the bug down with her, and proceeded to give it to me.  I had two really painful days in bed 😦

So all in all, I’m glad November’s over.  And my brain is 50,048 words lighter.  And I’ve nearly completed the 1st draft of a whole novel.  Wow!

So what’s next for Newtowritinggirl?  I was planning on going back to ‘Holiday’ when ‘Italian Infatuation’ was finished, but I think I might go back to my writing course.  The one I was going to work on in October, and September, and ever single month since I handed in the last assignment in April!  I need deadlines.  I’m not sure how far I’ll get on it when it can take me forever if I want!!!