Archive | December 5, 2009

Writing and blogging

A few months ago I did a post playing the A-Z game.  This morning I woke up and wanted to do some writing.  For some reason I don’t feel like I’m ready to go back to ‘Holiday’ so soon after I’ve finished ‘Italian Infatuation’, so wanted something else to do.  The problem is I’m not all that good at coming up with ideas, once I have them I can go with them, but getting them is hard! 

Then I remembered The A-Z game and thought I’d give that another go.  And with Christmas round the corner, I thought that would be a good topic.  So, I’ve started it.  I’m about half the way through.  Not too sure about it yet, but I had some good feedback from the last one I wrote so have taken that on board so will be better than that one at least!

I’m pretty happy with myself for posting on a Saturday, although again I think it’s because the boyfriend is away!  It’s not that he stops me, it’s just I find it hard to get enough inspiration to write when he’s there.  Now Nano is over, I want to get back into the habit of posting (nearly) everyday.  I’m managing it so far.