Minor fail

I totally failed on my goals over the weekend – no blogs and no writing since Thursday.  But, on Friday I did type up some of Italian Infatuation that needed to be done.  Small consolation.  I’m disappointed, but kind of, nearly, ok about it.  Saturday I worked then went straight out.  Sunday I got over my hangover, helped my boyfriend move then went to bed. 

I planned to make up for the writing today – 1,000 words, but been pre occupied at work so not got round to it.  I may at home tonight, but I’m supposed to be going to a friend’s for dinner, if I don’t I’m supposed to be making chocolate truffles.  What excellent excuses. 

I have somehow managed a lot of reading though – I nearly missed my stop on the tube AGAIN this morning cause time flew by so fast and I was so ingrossed my book. 

I’ve just found a book I like the sound of about santa and his sexy young sons. I think I may buy.  You can get it online, so should help with the boredom of the office over the next few days.  I know, I know – I should use it to write!  We’ll see.

Right, I’m going to go do a little writing – even 10 minutes is better than nothing!

2 thoughts on “Minor fail

  1. We won’t always meet our writing goal bu there’s no sense in beating ourselves up over it. Just remember all those times when you did meet your gaol..You’ll get back on track..We all do eventually.

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