Archive | December 22, 2009

Reasons to be positive today

So I nearly got back on track yesterday evening.  Although I didn’t make up for missing three days writing, I did do more than my goal for the day.  Yay.  Pretty happy with that, especially as I finished the first draft of something I’ve been working on, which is always good.

Today I need to focus on typing up all of Italian Infatuation so it is in a suitable condition to be able to be given out at Christmas.  Last week I typed some of it up on a colleague’s computer (Mr Journalist) and left it on his computer to read.  It was just a 1,000 word part of a scene, but he really liked it.  He liked it!  Properly liked it.  He didn’t just say that he did, but he listed the reasons why he liked it. It made me so happy.  He totally got everything I was trying to convey!   My first positive comment, YAY! Lets hope it’s the first of many.  I’m so looking forward to reading all of it 🙂 

I’m down to the last 100 odd pages of Digital Fortress.  I’m now at the stage where I want to spend every waking moment reading it – a problem when I have Christmas shopping and sleeping to do.  I was shattered yesterday so wanted an early night – the damn book kept me up until nearly 1am.  This is why I don’t let myself read as much as I would like – it takes over my life. 

Hey… It’s nearly Christmas, only 2  days of work left!  Woopie!  Oh, and I made Almond Chocolate truffles last night.  Yummy!   How creative am I being at the moment.