Snow, snow, snow!

Well, London hasn’t come to a complete standstill, which is nice.  It does however mean I’m at work, which isn’t so nice.  I’m not even going to get sent home ’cause someone has to be on reception and answer the phone until security get here 😦  I think it’s so funny how we’re complaining about the snow (all couple of inches of it if we’re lucky), or getting trapped by it here in England, but in other parts of the world a foot of snow is nothing. 

I’ve nearly nearly finished my book.  I probably will on the way home.  Yay.  Next is a Mills & Boon book I started before Christmas but stopped for some reason.  I think there was something I wanted to read more.  Then after that, what?  Another thriller?  Chick lit?  Hmmmmm.  I had to go to WHSmith today, they put the books at the front – how mean.  I resisted looking at them (too much).  I should get a gold star 🙂

I woke up this morning with a story idea in my head.  It developed from something I wrote the other day on Oneword and now it’s about 1/3 of a novel.  It’s a thriller (guess what I’ve been reading!), but the problem is, I don’t know what happens in the end.  Or how.  Really I shouldn’t even entertain the idea.  I’ve got Italian Infatuation to edit, Holiday to finish writing, a dark comedy idea (‘Love Authority’ I think) floating round my head and also another Mills & Boon type novel in my head.  I don’t need another idea to come along.  Still I’ve started writing a plan, and given it a working title (‘Missing’).  Maybe one day.

I realised today it’s 6 days later than the 1st day I planned to let myself read through Italian Infatuation – and I’ve still not started it.  I’m not sure why.  I think it’s cause when I sit down at the computer my attention has been pulled away by blogs I’ve not read and missed over Christmas.  Maybe today.  Or tomorrow. 

I’ve actually got the next couple of days off work.  My mum was supposed to be coming down to London, but we’re not sure if she’s going to be able to get here.  If not, I can have a couple of days at home reading, writing and editing.  It seems like almost a waste of 2 holiday days, but I can make them worth it I think!

I’m doing well with my writing 5 or more days a week.  I’m not writing much, but a little is better than none, I’m sure you’ll agree!

2 thoughts on “Snow, snow, snow!

  1. What temperatures are you getting in London? It hit -15 up here in Scotland, but with the wind chill factored in it felt a LOT colder. I had a nosebleed because it was so cold…

    I agree with you about the way the entire country seems to shut down when a little flurry of snow falls, and it seems that we’re still not learning from Greenland’s methods.

  2. Wooh, that’s cool. I don’t think we’ve gone much below -3, and that’s killing me! Well done for surviving that, although sorry to hear about your nosebleed!
    I heard today they’re going to run out of grit and salt for the roads – if we think it’s bad now, it’s just going to get worse 😦

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