Best laid plans…

Today’s blog was going to be a rant about my boyfriend.  He complains I have too many books, then last night made me take a couple of his books, cause they’d be good for my Thriller & Suspense Challenge. Just cause he’s got too many and wanted to get rid of them.  Maybe. 

Anyway, that was my plan.  Until the snow happened.  My mum was supposed to come to London and we were going to do touristy things, including a lunch cruise on the Thames.  But like I said the snow happened and trains between Birmingham didn’t happen.  Which left me with two days holiday for no reason.  Damn.  I decided I’d make them worthwhile so have made a plan for these two days. 

Although today is nearly over and I know I’ve failed on a couple of these things, here’s my plan for Thursday & Friday:

  • Spend two hours on the writing course on Thursday
  • Spend two hours on the writing course on Friday
  • Spend two hours reading Italian Infatuation on Thursday
  • Spend two hours reading Italian Infatuation on Friday
  • A blog on Thursday
  • A blog on Friday
  • Go food shopping
  • Ice Christmas cake (I know…)
  • Make Turkey and Ham Pie with Christmas leftovers (frozen meat)
  • 30 minutes exercise on Thursday
  • 30 minutes exercise on Friday
  • Finish the novel I’m reading

That’s it.  As today’s not over yet, I can’t say I’ve failed any yet.  I can still read Italian Infatuation for two hours.  I haven’t done the exercise, but walking round Tesco, scrapping snow and walking to the local shop MIGHT add to 30 mins.  Maybe. 

But, look at the first one!  Writing Course!  I worked on it for OVER 2 hours.  Woo hoo. I’m really impressed with it.  I also think I’ve worked out why I’m procrastinating so much – I think I’m aiming too high.  The publication I’m aiming for is way above me.  For a first article, I should NOT be aiming for a national monthly magazine.  I’m not sure what I should be aiming for, but I’m pretty sure not this.  I’ve had to do a magazine analysis first and have realised that pretty much all articles have an expert’s advice.  I’m not ready for interviewing someone.  Although… I’ve got to do it at some point.  I don’t know.  *sigh*.   I’ll work it out I’m sure.  No idea how.

On completely different note, I finished The Crush by Sandra Brown last night.  I loved it, it was great.  I’m going to try to do a review of it.  Oh no, I need to, I did it for the Thriller & Suspense Challenge and there’s the option to add your review.  I want to, because when I first started this blog thing I said I was going to do book reviews.  I think I did two.  Oh well, this challenge means I’ll do at least 12 this year 🙂

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