Day 2 of ‘wasted’ holiday

It’s actually been pretty productive.  And it’s not over yet.

The most exciting thing I’ve done today is starting to read the frist draft of my novel ‘Italian Infatuation’.  I finished it over a month ago and left it completely alone since then.  I’m about 40% through it, and I’m actually pretty impressed with it.  The spelling and grammar are terrible, but the story (so far) pretty much works.  There are a few discrepancies that I need to sort straight away, but for a 1st draft I’m happy with it.  I’m not looking forward going through it with a fine tooth comb though, it’s going to take forever!  My plan is to finish editing the first time by the end of March.

I’ve also done more of my writing course.  I still think I’m aiming for the wrong magazine, but don’t know whether to carry on with this one as I’ve done half the work, or find another one.  And if I was to find another one, which one?  I’m not a big magazine reader so don’t really know many. I know there are websites and books listing all magazines that are published in the UK.  I need to go through one.  Hmmm.

Just a short post today it would seem – more Italian Infatuation to read…

2 thoughts on “Day 2 of ‘wasted’ holiday

  1. You’re right McPete. I read the book after The Crush so quickly I didn’t get a chance to change it. Not sure what I’m going to read next, but I promise I’ll change it shortly!

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