Archive | January 14, 2010

Comments and challenges

Today started off pretty well (if you forget the rain, the buses – yes plural – terminating at my stop and being late for work!!).  When I checked my blog this morning, I’d had a few visitors, all good.  And a couple of comments.  Great.  One of the comments was from none other than Adele Parks.  As in THE Adele Parks, the author.  He he.  She’d obviously been searching for stuff about her and found a blog of mine from the summer talking about an excerpt of her book I’d been given.  How awesome is that!!! Also, it reminded me I never got round to reading the book I blogged about.  I should do that.

I’ve not really done much else today (writing wise).  I didn’t really do much yesterday either.  I have been very busy at work though.  In fact we were saying that this week is the busiest week since we’ve been here.  I’d like to complain, but my version of busy has still left me with well over an hour total to do my own thing.  I remember working 60 hour + weeks and still not getting anything done.  I do not miss hotels (well, maybe a little).

Boyfriend said he’d spend his lunch break getting the pics for my next reads so I can put them up on the blog when I start them.  Awesome!  However, that meant I had to think which books I was going to read next.  And remember the titles.  I bet I can’t remember the titles of at least 40 of the 64+ books currently on my shelf.  That’s not good.

I keep meaning to do a post for Thriller & Suspense Challenge with the books I plan to read for the challenge.  But, when I’m at home I keep forgetting to do it, or write down the books.  Lots of the books have been given to me by other people, so I can’t remember the titles.  I will do it soon.

I also keep meaning to review The Crush for the challenge.  I’ve read a few others’ reviews and it’s a great way to learn about new books, I’d love to tell people about this Sandra Brown one – I thought it was great.

I found another challenge/competition to enter yesterday here which Victanguera got from Writers Digest’s Promptly blog here.  You have to finish a scene where someone borrows your phone, then runs off crying.  I’m really excited about having a go at this.  Although it can only be 500 words, and like I said yesterday, I’m not good at short stories.  I keep getting excited about these little writing competitions/challenges.   I hope my enthusiasm for them continues and I actually manage to enter them, I have a bad habit of not following through with the things I say I will.  A bad habit I need to break!

I’ll stop procrastinating now and do some writing…