Archive | January 17, 2010

New books!

I thought as I’m surfing I may as well do something useful and write a blog.  Some may say I could use the time even more productively and do some research for my writing course.  But I’d ignore those people to be honest 🙂

I have 2 new books: one new book I’m reading and one new book I’ve bought. 

My boyfriend moved neighbourhoods recently, and yesterday we thought we’d go and look round the shops – yay!  He dragged me into a charity shop because he wanted to look for old sci-fi books (for him).  Knowing my love of books and need to buy more when I see them I tried to argue, but he had his mind-set, so we went in.  I found about 30 books I would have liked to buy, but limited myself to just one – 31 Dream Street by Lisa Jewell.  I’d been looking at her new book in a shop the other day, so she was fresh in my mind.  I’ve read quite a few of hers and really enjoyed them, so this should be a good read.  I’m going to read it next.  I know that’s really bad as I’ve so many that have been sitting on my shelf that have been there for years.  I feel like I could be Phoebe from friends saying I’m not being fair to the other books – although in her case it’s cookies 🙂  I did make the boyfriend pay for it – as he dragged me in the shop I thought it was only fair!

I didn’t finish Destinations, as it’s a collection of short stories I figure I can just pick it up and put it down as I want.  As I’ve read further and further into the book, I’ve found that some of the stories are starting to interlink, showing different versions of the same story or other people who got a passing mention in a previous story – I’m really impressed with that – I think it’s really clever. 

The new book I’m reading is Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  When these books first came out I wasn’t really interested, I can’t work out why, as they’re the kind of thing I love.  It wasn’t until someone recommended them to me that I thought I’d give them a try.  I got this and the second in the Millenium trilogy for Christmas.  I found the first 25 pages a little hard to get into, but that may have been because I was tired last night.  I read another 20 odd today and am really starting to like it.  I think it’s really sad that Stieg died just after sending off the MS so didn’t get to see success of his books.   So sad.

Monday tomorrow, another week of work 😦  But lots more time to do writing 🙂