Feeling Brave

So, I’ve given Draft one of Italian infatuation to a few people to see if they think it works, on Friday I posted a short story I wrote a while ago, and today it would seem I’m going a step further and taking part in Fiction Friday (late I know)!

I found Fiction Friday on Christine Fonseca’s blog here, who got it from the Write Anything blog

The rules are:

  • Spend at least 5 minutes composing something original based on the theme or challenge.
  • Post what you wrote to your own blog.

The challenge is:

It took Edgar six months to muster the courage to ask out his dream girl. Their first date is almost over, and it couldn’t have gone better—until he discovers his wallet is missing. Write the scene.  

My attempt is below.  Remember, this is unedited and I only had about 5 minutes (I didn’t time it exactly, but roughly) which is why it’s not finished. 

Strange, he always put his wallet in his back pocket.  Maybe he hadn’t in these new trousers (he’d had to buy new trousers for a date with Shelly, nothing in his wardrobe had been good enough for her), maybe he’d put it in his front pocket.  Nope not there either. 

He didn’t want to start panicing prematurely, but there was no where else it could be.  Jacket?  Nope, not there.

Edgar was glad Shelly had chosen this moment to go to the bathroom, he would die if she saw him scrapping about for his wallet.  It had to be on him somewhere.  It wasn’t in his jacket.  Ok, Edgar, check everywhere again, you just missed it. 

Slower, he checked all his trouser pockets, then his jacket pockets.  It really wasn’t there.  *expletives*. 

He turned round to look for the waiter, he had to sort this out somehow, he’d talk to the waiter, he’d be understanding.  His heart sank as the Maitre’d approached his table, followed closely by Shelly.  He couldn’t say what had happened in front of her, she mouthed ‘OK?’ to him as she moved round the table to her seat. 

‘Won’t be a second’ Edger said to her, as he ushered the maitre’d away from the table and towards the exit. 

I’ve read a few of other people’s versions, I think it’s great seeing how other people interpret the challenge.  It’s great fun, I’m going to have another go next Friday; it’s just the kind of thing I like, a little bit of writing I can start them put down without doing anything!

3 thoughts on “Feeling Brave

  1. Congrats! I am new to writing too, so I know how you feel. I started participating in Fiction Fridays at the first of the year. It is a fun exercise to keep you thinking and creating. I hope to read more from you.

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