Monday Monday

I’ve really been slacking this year.  Ok, it’s only 25 days, but still it’s 25 days.  I’ve got this plan in my head, that I am determined to stick to, to have the second draft of Italian Infatuation finished by the end of March.  And now I’ve nearly wasted a month.  All I’ve done is read it and print out the first 10 odd pages. 

I made a bit of a breakthrough today though, and started on some research I needed to do.  All good, except now I want a holiday in Italy.  Maybe I’ll treat myself to a visit when I finish it?!

Jill Mansell commented on my blog on Friday.  Woo hoo.  How awesome is that – someone whose books I’ve been reading for years commented on my blog.  I was saying to the man at the weekend, that having a second actual, successful author (first being Adele Parks a couple of weeks ago) comment makes my dream of being a published author seem a little more possible.  It makes them seem more real – it makes what they do seem more reachable.  They are real people – they’ve taken time out from writing to read and comment on my little blog.  He he. 

Not really much else to say.  I added a post earlier with a book review of The Crush by Sandra Brown for the Thriller and Suspense Reading Challenge.  I’m not all that impressed with my review – I think it’s a bit basic.  But then to be able to write something well, you need to read lots of them.  I need to read book reviews to be able to write them.  Another thing to add to the never ending ‘to do’ list!

I’m trying to think, but don’t see anyway I could add any more links in this blog.  🙂

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