Archive | January 26, 2010

Facebook Flaws

There’s actually only one (one I’m talking about anyway), and that’s more to do with the person typing this than Facebook itself.  I think the reason I’m doing less writing at the moment, is because I’ve been spending lots of time on Facebook.  I was so happy when I discovered Facebook Lite, that isn’t banned at work, but now I almost wish that was too. 

Today has been so crazily quiet.  I’ve been sat here for about 2 hours and done pretty much nothing.  Except look at Facebook and surfed some blogs.  Not good enough NTWG!!

Last Friday I entered a competition by Harlequin author Donna Alward to win her help as a mentor for a year.  To enter you had to send in a pitch of your novel.  Wow.  Unfortunately (as expected) I didn’t get into the top 5, but it was a great thing to try.  In doing it I’ve realised there’s some pretty major changes that have to happen in draft two (if it ever gets started! No, I don’t mean that – I will start – soon! ).  I kind of knew that already, but was holing onto a little hope that there would be a way around it (changing it to a full length novel where I could set the guidelines more myself, rather than a 50k Mills & Boon where there are strict guidelines).  My dream as an author is to have my first novel (at least) sold as a Mills & Boon novel.  I’ve had that dream for years, so am going to try to keep that.  If I finish it and if submit it (big IFs here) and it gets rejected, maybe I can rewrite for another publisher. 

I did make some big advances in the research area yesterday, so lots of blanks can now be filled in.  I’m really happy about that.  It just means that I need to get describing things, which isn’t my favourite thing.  Not sure how I’m going to describe the rolling hills of Tuscany, when I’ve only seen photos; or a villa that I’ve seen photos of, but is slightly different in my head.  I guess that’s something I need to start on.  I might set myself some exercises of describing countryside and buildings.  After lunch, he he.

I’ve got to the point in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo where I now can’t put it down.  I’m reading it in my 15 minute breaks, lunch and at night – yep, it’s keeping me up.  I’ve been pretty good though and forced myself to stop reading at a semi decent time, so not too tired because of it.  I’ve only 150 pages left, so I’m determined to finish it by the end of the month – I think I’ll be well done by then.  Might even be able to fit in another short one by Sunday? 

I made a mistake last night and read the back of the next book in the series – The Girl who Played with Fire.  I wanted to know if it was about the same people or not. When I found out I realised I shouldn’t have, I’m not going to say why or anything, but if you’re tempted to do what I did – DON’T.  Wait until you get to the end of the first! 

I’m getting quite excited at the prospect of choosing my next book to read.  I said I was going to read Gone with the Wind, but I’m hesitating because it’s so big, and long and it will be so heavy to carry round.  Also I’ve got this new Lisa Jewell one that the boyfriend bought from the charity shop a couple of weeks ago.  But now I’m thinking maybe Flash Forward.  Another part of me thinks I shouldn’t read another book, but spend the time I would be reading editing Italian Infatuation.  Maybe I’ll read one more in January, then limit it in February, but concentrate on the editing process.  Maybe…