You know how sometimes you say something, then realise you shouldn’t have because it was tempting fate?  Like when we had spent a week driving round North France and were 2 miles from the ferry port, I said it was great my car hadn’t broken down or anything.  A MILE later the light turned on that meant ‘Pull over now.  There’s a problem with my engine.’  Or like yesterday, when I said how I wish they’d ban Facebook lite at work.  Evil words I should never have uttered.  They did.  Overnight.  I will never speak again (I think I can maybe make that last 10 minutes!). 

That means I’ll have more time to write, right?  Wrong.  I’ve done nothing this morning.  But then I did have an early lunch.  I’ve got a LONG afternoon ahead…  But I have the first 10 pages of II printed out and with me.  I’m going to start editing.  I’m sure when people walk past reception, that it will look like some kind of work?  Tough if it doesn’t!

I finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo last night – about 1am!  I read pretty much all evening except when I was cooking and eating.  150 pages in 1 day.  That’s pretty good for me.  I loved it.  I’ll do a review post about it (for the Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge), although I was a tiny bit disappointed with the last paragraph.  But that’s men for you (the one in the novel – not writing it).  I can’t wait to start the 2nd in the series.

That’s not next though; Next is… Wait for it… Twilight apparently.  The appeal of the whole Twilight saga has been lost on me – I pretty much have no interest in it.  I don’t know why when it’s a love story, which is what I read.  I decided I’d have to read it just to see what all the fuss was about, but I’m not looking forward to it.  I think there’s something inside me that doesn’t want to like it – that wants to rebel against the crowd and do something else.  Like with Titanic.  Everyone said it was great, I’ve still not seen it.  But, I’m at work, without a book for the journey home, and my boss said I’ll get through it in a couple of days.  So here we go…

 I’m gonna do it, I really really am.  I’m starting to edit II, when I’ve replied to a couple of emails…

2 thoughts on “*Untitled*

  1. Actually, I don’t know anyone who liked the Twilight saga. Almost everyone says “Meh!” To everything after the first book, and those who liked the first book complain about what a wishy-washy wimp the protagonist is.

    Personally, I respect Twilight knowing what it was born from. (Before there was Twilight, fictionpress was full of idiot women who think they have a stalker taking midnight walks alone, outside, down a dark alley, weaponless, to ‘clear their head’.)

    Now fictionpress is still full of these people, but at least we have a slightly better example of cheesy vampire fic.

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