Archive | January 28, 2010

New things

I’ve added a new page to my blog.  I think of it more as a ‘tab’ but according to those who know (or the boyfriend) it’s a page.  And I didn’t add it.  He did, but still.  It’s a page especially for the Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge.  I’ve got pictures of the books as I read them and when I finish them you can click on the image and it takes you to get the review of it.  Clever hey?!

I don’t really like this reviewing book thing, I just don’t know what to say – I don’t think ‘I really liked it’ would really cut it.  Book Chick City, the blog hosting the T&SR challenge, is offering monthly prizes; to enter you have to be signed up for the challenge and review at least one book in that month.  So I have to do them.  It’s good practice anyway.  Not sure what for, but good practice. 

I did start editing II yesterday.  Or crossing things out should I say.  As I’ve decided I need to focus more on the MMC and FMC’s relationship than anything else (as Mills & Boon request) I’ve got a whole load to cut out.  The first 4 1/2 A4 pages are pretty much going.  It’s really upsetting because I really like what happens in those pages, but I know I have to do it.  If there’s a reason I won’t make it as a writer, I imagine it will be that I’m bad at cutting things out.  If I like something I’m going to find it really hard to cut out.  I guess it means it’s just something I can add to another novel in the future.  In fact, as I’ve written this I’ve had a thought that I can take this bit and use it quite nicely in ‘Holiday’.  If I ever get back into writing that. 

As I was washing up last night, I thought of the (new) opening to II.  It’s going to be something I’ve got already, just padded out into a scene instead of a passing comment. I think it will work.  It means the hero will be introduced on page 2 or 3 instead of page 7 or 8.  I didn’t write it down last night, I should have done, but I’ve started it today.  Now if I could stop blogging and surfing I could get on with it. 

I think I’m quite enjoying Twilight.  My boss described it as Easy reading, and that’s exactly what it is. Until a couple of month’s ago I’d not read a ‘teen’ novel since I was a teen.  I just never thought of it before.  I now follow a few blogs of author’s who write Young Adult which made me think I’m missing out on something.  I’ve got a few books on my to read list now.