Archive | February 4, 2010

New beginning?

I had an email from my writing course ‘student services’ this morning.  It’s fine for me to study fiction before non-fiction.  I’m really happy now I can do that, it feels like a new beginning to the course, I feel excited about it again.  That’s quite a relief after eight or so months feeling a little apathetic about it. 

I’ve just heard that the location of the office I work at is moving.  We’re all moving to another building in a different area of London in September.  That’s quite exciting.  But, it might mean I have to work a little harder than I have been over the last year (I started a year ago today!); Therefore spend less time writing. 

Because of that, I’d like to get as much of the course done by the time we move as I physically can.  I’ve 19 modules left and 7 months.  I can’t possibly cram it all in with the other things I’d like to do in the next 7 months – eat, sleep, read, go out, not to mention work – but I’m going to get as much of it as possible done by then.  I’d like to get fiction done by September.  At least.  I’ve already today spend maybe an hour or two on it. 

I can’t think of anything else I’d like to say, so I’m going to go and continue with the course 🙂