Archive | February 9, 2010

Edit 2? What edit 2?

Indeed, what edit 2?  I should have started that in January.  It’s now 8th February and Italian Infatuation 0.2 is still exactly the same as Italian Infatuation 0.1.  Why?  Well, I must admin, I seemed to have blocked out the fact I needed to do it a few days ago – until today, I had genuinely forgotten I should be working on that. Oops.  I blame the cough and the cold.  I hate England. 

I also seem to be doing quite a lot of other things at the moment, which are maybe taking up the time I should be editing.   Good things though I think. 

So what am I doing?  Obviously I’ve got  the 20 or so blogs I read a day (thank god not everyone updates their blog daily).  I’ve now made a crack with the second (fiction) assignment for the writing course.  I need to list all magazines I can find that publish short stories, analyse one and write a short story for it.   Oh, I also need to read some modules that I keep forgetting to do.  I’m doing lots of little writing things too: Oneword daily, Fiction Friday on Fridays, and generally finding any prompts from anywhere online I can to write from. 

So really, it’s all good things that are keeping me from starting this edit.  I read somewhere that a lot of people write their first novel then stick it in a draw and it never comes out.  I don’t want to be one of those people.  I know I’m a little biased,  but I think Italian Infatuation is a story that needs to be told!  😉

I’m a little torn on what story to use for the course.  I have one pre written I would like to send, but it’s 1,600+ words and I need to have it 1,500 or less.  I don’t want to shorten it, I think it needs everything it has.  I have a story that I started for Fiction Friday, that I am working on to make a longer more detailed story, but I’m not sure if I can get it up to 1,500.  But I’d like to.  Or, should I just start a completely new story for it?  Oh the decisions. 

I think I might have thought up another idea for another novel this morning.  Serioulsy, can my mind not just work on one thing and one thing only?

Right, I’ve got 25 minutes before my lunch break.  I’m going to work on the course until I go.  I will not work on the story prompt I started this morning.  I will not work on the story prompt I started this morning.  I will not…