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Fiction Friday and a little more

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front over the last few days  but I thought I’d break my silence for Fiction Friday as I enjoy it so much.  Read all about it and the rules here.  This week’s prompt is:

A family’s life changes dramatically after they are bequeathed an old painting in the will of an obscure relative.

When I read this nothing at all came to me, so I thought I’d cheat a little and not exactly use the prompt, but what happened before.  So here’s my effort…  As per the rules of Fiction Friday it’s not edited, it’s just been written. 

‘I don’t want to go though.  She was weird; I don’t want anything weird from her.’

‘Look Janie now is not the time for one of your teenage tantrums.  Auntie Frederique asked for you to be at the will reading and if it’s the last thing on this earth I do I’m going to get you there.’


‘NO! No buts. Just finish getting ready NOW.  This is not up for discussion.’  Before Janie could even think to say anything her mum had left the room and slammed the bedroom door behind her.  And she thinks I act like a child!

She knew her mum meant business so carried on getting ready.  She didn’t see why she had to dress up to go and see a lawyer, it wasn’t as though she had anything Janie would want. 

They’d not been to visit her for a few years, but Janie remembered being pretty freaked out when they went to visit her.  She lived in a massive dark spooky house in the middle of nowhere.  It was run down, apparently because her father had run up huge gambling debts in the last few years before he died so hadn’t spent any money on repairs.  There was nothing to hand down to Frederique so she just stayed in the rotting old house. 

Janie had never been that close to her, her brother Adam seemed to have a bond with her – he had time for her that Janie really didn’t have.  From a young age she couldn’t understand why someone would stay living in a house like that not move out.  It was creepy and Janie hated going there. 

At least this would be the last time she’d have to go there.  Frederique didn’t have any children to hand the house down to and it was common knowledge that she intended to give it to a cat charity when she died, it was a relief.

Which brough Janie on to question, what did she have that Janie would possibly want?

When she got to the bottom of the stairs she was still puzzling over what an 80 odd year old woman would think a 14 year old girl would want, when Adam pulled her arm, then her into the lounge. 

‘What..’ she started to shout but he clamped his hand over her mouth.

‘Shhhhhhhhh.’ He said slowly releasing his hands from her mouth and arm.

‘What do you want?’ Janie whispered impatiently.  She wanted to get there so she could get out of there as soon as possible. 

‘Do you think it’s the painting?’  He asked in an equally quiet voice.  Janie looked at him blankly.

‘What pain…’ she gasped.  It couldn’t be. ‘But that’s not real.  It’s just a myth… Isn’t it?’  Adam smiled wryly and walked out the door. 

That was kind of fun.  Although I wish we were allowed to edit it,  I think there could be some better descriptions of the house in there.  Actually I’m glad we can’t – I would be here forever trying to make it perfect.

So there’s a couple of reasons why I’ve not blogged recently.  First I’m working really hard on my writing course assignment.  I wanted to have it ready for today to send off, but in hindsight that was a pretty unrealistic goal.  I think I’ll go for next Friday instead.  There’s a lot more research to do than I thought there would be.

Also I’ve got a really horrible cough and cold so when I’ve not been working on my course I’ve been snuggled up on the sofa.  I’ve had it for over a week so it really should be going soon.  I hope.

I’ve a busy weekend coming up, but I hope to get some more of my course done then, I doubt I’ll get a chance for blogging.  Especially not with Valentine’s day on Sunday.  Not that my boyfriend really believes in it.  Not that his beliefs are going to stop him making me a special dinner that night 🙂

Happy weekend everyone 🙂