Fiction Friday #144

I had yesterday off work, and was out of the house for most of the day, so wasn’t able to post this then.  Before we went out I got my boyfriend to go onto the Write Anything site and get the prompt.  Then, when we got on the tube, I read it and scribbled this.  I’m going to find it hard to do, but I’ll copy it here unedited as the rules for Fiction Friday dictate.

The prompt is:

The bag was empty except for a smudged slip of paper which said, “Sorry.”

Here’s where I went with it…

Katie ran downstairs dripping wet, almost tripping over the cat on her way.  She knew the postman didn’t have much patience so if she didn’t get to the door soon he’d leave, then she’d have to go to the sorting office to pick up here boots.

Looking at the letterbox there was no note so she must have got there in time.  She flung the door open.

‘Sorry I was…’ she said to an empty doorstep.  She looked around but couldn’t see anyone.  She wondered who it could have rung the doorbell, or if she’d imagined it.

Just as she started closing the door, something on the mat made her look down.  There as a small black bag lying there.  It looked like the one she’d lost when she was in America, at Disney world three years ago. 

Trying not to reveal too much beneath her very short towel, Katie bent down to pick the bag up.  She turned it over, it looked exactly like the one she’d lost.  She didn’t know how, but she KNEW it was hers.  Her heart stopped.  It was inexplicable how it could get here, back to London.  She’d moved since she lost that bag, so nothing could be traced to this house.

Slowly she started thinking about the implications of her bag turning up.  That was the day before the last time she’d seen Drew.  She thought it was more than a holiday fling, but two days later he just disappeared. 

The lady at reception said he’d checked out early, in the middle of the night, it had seemed like he was in a hurry.

Katie tried to shake his image out of her head.  She’d only known him nine days when he left, but she’d felt so much in that time.  It sounded stupid, and she hated thinking it now, but she’d had a feeling it was forever.  But then he’d disappeared, and she’d never heard from him again.

She opened the bag, and saw a scrap of paper inside.  Before she could think or anything she pulled it out.

Sorry‘ it said.  She turned it over. ‘I’m not who you thought I ws.  I didn’t mean to hurt you.  I’ll always love you. Drew x

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts – just remember, it’s a first draft.

4 thoughts on “Fiction Friday #144

  1. A great opener to what sounds like a great idea. Nice sense of relationship and mystery. Good use of the object as a focus for the piece.

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