Archive | March 9, 2010

Reading and Colds

I’ve started reading another book.  I know that’s really naughty of me as I said I wasn’t going to start another one, but concentrate on my writing course; What can I say?  I couldn’t help it.  My housemate came home with a copy of Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella that she’d just finished.  I couldn’t let a Sophie Kinsella book just sit there could I? 

I’m going to try to be good: read on the tube then do my course during my lunch break and at home at night.  Lets see how far I get with that.  I’d guess maybe three days max before I get sucked into the book and can’t put it down during any free time. 

I’ve got a nasty stinky cold, so not really feeling up to writing.  I’m not the only one that can’t concentrate when they’re ill.  There’s a great new column on the Novelicious website called ‘Confessions of a Wanna Be Chick Lit Author’.  Her post today says that she’s suffering a cold and couldn’t work.  Well, if it’s alright for her, it’s alright for me. 

Think I’ll spend the day reading instead of trying to write. 🙂