Archive | March 24, 2010

Wednesday’s Thoughts

I’ve just realised the titles for my blogs actually are pretty important – I’ve got them automatically linked to Twitter and that only shows the title and the link.  So all those days I’ve forgotten to title one before posting… people probably think I’m virusing or something (it’s my new word!)

That reminds me: for my last assignment I had to write a short story.  I edited one that I’d already finished, that was called Blueberry Yogurt.  I didn’t think the title worked for the story (it is the first two words – no relation to the story), so I renamed it ‘The Friend Next Door.’  In all honesty I though that sucked, as it sounded like some old person’s story, but stuck with it.  My tutor didn’t like it either.  Ha ha.  I’ve been trying to think of  a better one, for the last couple of weeks, but can’t.  Really I should look forward to the next one, not back.  Although if I do that I’ll never learn from my mistakes.

I did some more of the course today.  I need to write 150 word descriptions of different people.  150 word is nothing.  It’s too short to do.  But then I am trying to make each a story rather than just description.  Not a story, but part of a story.  I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do.  I’ll leave it for a few days then come back with fresh eyes.

Oh no.  I’ve just remembered I set myself a goal of finishing the second draft of Italian Infatuation by the end of March.  Hmmm.  Well, I read it, does that count?  It’s ok though.  I made the decision I was going to prioritise my writing course  – especially as the modules I had to read were about writing a novel.  I’m still happy with that choice.  It’s just a little annoying I’ve failed on another goal.  I blame having to work for a living.  If I wasn’t here for 8.5 hour a day, and didn’t spend another 2 hours (nearly) travelling, I would have had them both done by March. 

Right, I guess it’s time to do the lottery again.