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Fiction Friday – 26th March

This week’s prompt from Write Anything:  ‘Shhh… did you hear that?’  Here’s my story (remember unedited):

‘Shhhh.  Did you hear that?’



‘I don’t hear anything.’

‘You must do.  I’m not hearing things.  It sou… that.’

What was that?’ Jade hissed. 

‘I don’t know.  I’m going to find out.’ 



‘Don’t leave me alone.’

‘Well come with me then.’ 

Jade went through the options.  She really didn’t want to go with Si, but at the same time she didn’t want to stay there.  If she went with Si whatever that noise was might get her, but if she stayed there alone, it might dodge Si and just get her.  She decided to go with Si, he’d always protected her in the past so he probably would again.

Si crept towards the door, making as little noise as possible.  Jade followed behind, but not knowing the layout of the area as well as Si did, she tripped on something and fell to the floor. 


‘Shhhhhhh.  Oh, are you alright?’  Jade stood up rubbing her knee. 

‘Yeah.  I hurt my knee.’

‘Can you still walk, or do you want to wait here?’

‘No, no.  I’ll come.’

‘Well be careful this time.’  He reached back and grabbed her hand in an effort to keep her close and safe. 

When they got to the door they stopped and both held their breath.  There is was again.  And again.  It was getting more frequent.’

‘Do you think it’s getting closer?’  Jade asked, they both knew by this point it was something bad.  Nothing good could make that noise. 

‘I don’t know.’

‘Do we have to go and find out?  Can’t we just stay here?  Maybe it will go away.’

He turned to look at her, even in the dark she knew his look would say we both know that’s not going to happen

Si took a chance and started opening the door.  Jade moved further behind the opening door in fear.  There was no light coming from the corridor, although it was only dusk all the bedroom doors were closed giving the room the illusion of night. 

‘The hall’s clear.  I think it’s coming from downstairs.’  He eased himself through the gap in the door, pulling Jade along with him. 

As they stepped into the hall they saw light coming from downstairs. 

The noise happened once, twice, three times then stopped.  They stopped.  It started again.  Once, twice. 

Jade released Si’s hand for a second to wipe hers on her jeans, she hadn’t realised that she was sweating so much.  Luckily Si was too, he did the same, then they joined hands again and started towards the stairs.

‘Si.  It’s a cutting noise isn’t it?’

‘I don’t know.  I think so.  Come on.  Let’s find out.’

The took the stairs one at a time, very slowly.  On the fourth step Si turned round to Jade.

‘We need to miss the next stair, it creaks.  Can you do it quietly?’  Jade wasn’t sure, but nodded anyway.  She had no choice but to try.  She looked ahead, the pale light from behind the downstairs doors illuminating the way.  She managed to miss the step easily.

After that they got down the rest of the stairs easily.  At the bottom the stopped and looked at each other.  The noise was still happening.  It was random, it would start, happen a few times then stop.  The a couple more times, then stop. 

‘Come on.  We’ve come this far, we need to find out what it is.’

‘Is it going to get us?’

‘I don’t know Jade.’  Si looked round the hall.  He saw the umbrella stand, and grabbed a couple, giving one to Jade.  ‘Here, you can use this as a weapon to get it.’ 

Jade took it, noticing she was trembling.  They covered the distance from stairs to kitchen silently.  The closer they got the louder the noise got.  At the kitchen door Si turned back to Jade. 

‘It’s now or never.  I’m going to push the door open fully, we’ll go in together and use the umbrella to beat whatever it is to death.’  Jade gulped, she didn’t want to have to, but she knew she might get killed if she didn’t do what Si say saying. If it was her life or it’s she was going to kill it. 

‘1… 2… 3…’

Si threw the door open quickly, they looked in and gasped, taking in the scene.

‘Oh there you two kids are.  Dinner’s nearly ready are you hungry?’  Si’s mum tuned back to her chopping board and continued to cut the carrots.

I was totally inspired for this by reading Rose’s pre story writing where she was talking about her daughter. I hope that the fact they’re children doesn’t come across until Si’s mum speaks.  Please let me know if you think it does, or doesn’t.  Obviously it need to be worked on – a lot. 

If you’re interested in anything else I’ve written from prompts, I started something yesterday from the prompt ‘Peter’s Chair.’