The Caves of Steel by Asimov Review

A Spaceman – a specialist in robotics – has been murdered. Lije Baley, a plainclothesman of his time, combs the vast caves of steel in a tense hunt for a lone fanatic, for a murderer and for the solution to an almost perfect crime that could set an entire galaxy ablaze.

This wouldn’t have been a novel I chose to read myself.  My boyfriend reads nothing but Sci-Fi and really wanted me to try reading some – my experience of it was one or two pages of books before giving up as I didn’t understand the ‘worlds’.  But, one day he was telling me about this, and I thought it sounded pretty good.

I’m glad I did.  although it was written in 1958, because it is set in the future, you really can’t tell.  It’s set on earth in a couple of thousand years!!

The future earth Asimov has created in this novel is completely different to anything we know now – but it’s believable.  Apparently Sci-Fi novels have to be based on something that’s believable.  There’s a lot of explanation throughout the book about how the world developed.  Most of it I understood, which I wasn’t expecting. 

The characters are three dimensional – as I was reading I’d sometimes even forget the humanoid robot was in fact a robot and not human. 

For me, the mystery that must be solved about the murder wasn’t as interesting as the other sub-plots going on and the detail about the earth.  I did really enjoy it, and would recommend it to anyone – whether they ‘like’ Sci-Fi or not.  There are more books in this series, so I’ll definitely be checking them out at some point.

2 thoughts on “The Caves of Steel by Asimov Review

  1. It sounds interesting but i don’t think it is something I would pick up and read. While I enjoy an occasional Sci-Fi television show, book form doesn’t normally do it for me.

    I’m a Fantasy reader and would love for my wife to pick up a book sometime and give it a try, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Just like Sci-Fi isn’t my thing, she isn’t into Fantasy.

    Its pretty cool that you picked up the book on a whim and gave it a try.

    On a side note, I placed my order for “Random” yesterday. I’m not sure what typical shipping time is from the UK to the US, but I’m looking forward to checking it out. With any luck it will arrive just as I’m wrapping up my current book (Mad Ship by Robin Hobb).

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