Bad Blogger

I know I’ve been a terrible blogger recently, but I’ve got a few excuses up my sleeve:  We’ve just had a long weekend and I’m not good at blogging over weekends; I’ve got a terrible cold which is making me feel really rough and uninspired; and I’ve got some stuff going on in my private life that’s also make me feel uninspired.  Sucky it all comes at the same time.

I’ve been trying hard to take my mind of everything with working on my writing course.  I’m not sure if it’s a good idea, but I’m trying.  There’s a small 150 word section I’ve been stuck on for a week or so, which I finally got done yesterday.  I’m about 99% away from being happy with it, but at least I’ve got a base – something to work on.

Apparently my dad used to say to my mum (back in the day when they were together) that she did her best painting when depressed.  She thinks I should work on writing because of it.  Hmmm.  Not sure if the same could be said for writing.  The problem is I’m still not working on anything substantial.  Well, except the writing course.  So really I could do that.

I need to do (another) short story for it.  I was going to use the one I started for a Fiction Friday a few weeks ago about a forgotten birthday, but I read the guidelines for the particular magazine I will be aiming for, and found it is unsuitable.  Damn.  I’ve got another one in mind, so will probably polish that one up. 

I really need to learn how to make stories from my head, not from a prompt I find on the internet, or some where else.  I’ve read lots of writers saying their ideas come from everywhere – people talking, things they see, etc, etc, but I don’t seem to have trained my brain that way yet. 

Maybe I should go back to the first section of the writing course  where I had to do some observing in public places.  I guess though, as long as I’m getting ideas from somewhere and turning them into stories, it’s all good. 

I added a widget to the side of my profile today with links to all the fiction I’ve posted.  I did not realise how many times I’ve done Fiction Friday.  12 times.  Wow.  From what I can find, I’ve posted 14 pieces of writing I’ve done on here.  All this from a girl who’s way too scared to show people her writing.  Hmm.  Maybe not any more eh?! 

Ok, that’s about as much creativity as my brain can handle today.


2 thoughts on “Bad Blogger

  1. Keep on writing! The writing thing for me has been dormant for many years, sporadically efforts at poetry notwithstanding, and only started up in all seriousness about a year ago when I started a blog.
    Like you, the idea of creating fiction from nothing is quite daunting, but I have found that by doing Fiction Friday on a regular basis has helped develop a creative conduit, allowing my brain to see possibilities. Thus, even when I am reading the paper, I see potential stories and situations.
    I have even embarked on writing a novel, which has its own set of criteria and issues.
    But for you, keep on going. Persevere.

  2. I’ve been blogging nearly five years. One blog is multi-author with daily posts. My personal blog has a post schedule of three days per week. In both cases, there are times when all I want to do is pull my hair out because, for the life of me, I can’t come up with something interesting enough to write about.

    I haven’t been doing Fiction Friday for very long (3 prompts in all), but it has already succeeded in getting me out of my comfort zone. Me, write about a boy stumbling into a haunted house and getting transported into another time? It simply isn’t my thing, but sitting down and forcing myself to come up with a story for a such a prompt was pretty cool (although I wasn’t pleased with the end result for a variety of reasons).

    I think people are creatures of habit. We need that little push every now and again to break away from our comfort zone and try something new. Given time, I’m sure you will begin to see things from a new angle and become inspired by a random conversation at the park. When that happens, don’t forget to scribble the idea down.

    Keep up with the writing. Your pieces have kept me entertained during the slow periods at work 🙂

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