Fiction Friday #150 – Take Two – Stepping Through a Door

Last Friday there was a mix up of prompts for Fiction Friday from Write Anything.  On Friday I attempted one of the prompts, then today I thought I’d try the other. 

A child walks in to a resident haunted house and is transported to another time.

So, to be honest, I read it wrong.  Instead of reading Resident Hauted House I read it as Residental Home.  Yeah, I know.  I have no idea.  But I came up with an idea for that, and went with it…  (Oh and please remember, I follow the rules to the letter, and post this without editing, so please ignore the grammar and spelling and anything else that’s not great).

            Andy looked to his right as he felt his mum’s hand disappear from his grip.  She wasn’t there.  He looked behind them, but the huge wooden door slammed closed, missing his outstretched hand by centimetres. 

            Even before he tried the door knob he knew he wouldn’t be able to open it, it was much too heavy for a six year old.  Regardless he put his shoulder to the door and pushed will all his weight.  It didn’t move at all. 

            ‘Muuuuuummmmmm.’  He shouted pounding on the door.  He stopped for a second to hear her reply, but there was none.  ‘Muuuuuummmmmmmmmmy.  Heeeeeelp.’  He tried again.

            ‘Now what’s all this racket out here?’ a voice said from behind him causing him to jump out of his skin.  Slowly he turned round to see a lady wearing what he presumed to be a nursing outfit.  She was pretty.  Her hair was red like his auntie Kathy’s and even though he’d caught him making a lot of noise, she was smiling at him. 

            ‘I… My mum….’ Andy’s voice faded before he could even start talking. 

            ‘Got you too did it?’ she winked at him and started coming over, but only got a couple of steps before a figure darted in front of her. 

            ‘You know you’re not allowed to talk to them – and definitely not touch them.  Mary go back in there and finish the meds round.’  Mary tutted and rolled her eyes.  There was something familiar about her that made him smile again. 

            ‘Right young man.’  The figure that had darted in front of Mary turned out to be a scary looking woman.  She was tall, as tall as Andy’s dad, with long thin arms and legs.  She reminded Andy of one of those gross bean things his mum always tried to make him eat… runner beans.  Just she wasn’t green. 

            ‘Who are you here to see?’  She asked inspecting him. 

            He turned back to the door to see if his mum had followed.  He was scared to talk to the bean lady, but there was something in her voice that assured him she’d make him talk. 

            ‘I’m here with my mum.’ He started.

            ‘Speak up young man, I can hardly hear you’ bean lady boomed at him.  Andy cleared his throat the way he’d see adults to in films and started again.

            ‘I’m here with my mum.’

            ‘I didn’t ask who you’re with did I?  Well?  Did I?’  He shook his heard furiously. ‘I’ll ask again then.  Who are you here to see?’

            By this point Andy was really scared.  Where was his mum?  He wanted to look at the door again, but was scared Bean Lady might tell him off.  He cleared his throat again.

            ‘We’re visiting my Mum’s great aunt Betty.’

            ‘No no.’ Bean Lady made a flickling action with her hand.  ‘That’s who your mum is there to see.’  She flicked her read to the right indicating to a closed door at the side of the room.  ‘Who are YOU here to see.’

            Andy was puzzled.  That was who he was here to see.  He didn’t have an answer for her.

            ‘Ok.  I can tell this isn’t going to be easy.  IS this your first time here?’

            Andy scratched his head while he thought about it.  He remembered going to visit Great Aunty Betty a while ago, but looking round the room, he definitely didn’t remember this room.

            ‘No.’  He replied after a while. Bean Lady sighed. 

            ‘Ok.  What’s your name?’


            ‘Andy what?’

            ‘Andy Grant.’

            ‘Oh.  Mr Grant.  You’re over there.’ She pointed to an open door to the right that Andy hadn’t noticed before.  ‘That’s you sat by the fire with your back to us.’

Do do do.  Hmmmm.  I wonder what’s going to happen next…  Well, that’s in my head, I don’t have time to write it today, so I think I’ll probably do it tomorrow and post it then.  Wooh, three bits of fiction from one Fiction Friday. 

I find all comments helpful and motivating, so please, let me know what you think… and if you’ll come back tomorrow to find out what’s happening to Andy… 

6 thoughts on “Fiction Friday #150 – Take Two – Stepping Through a Door

  1. Runner beans, I had to look that one up….lol

    Like usual, good work. I couldn’t help but smile as your character began to refer to the woman as Bean Lady. You left a cliffhanger at the end, I’m curious as to where the story goes next.

  2. Curiouser and curiouser.
    Nice jump through time without having to set up the back story. I like how that was integrated into the dialogue, providing the necessary background.
    The Bean Lady image is great.
    Want to see how it ends now.

  3. What are they called over there?

    It wasn’t intended to be from his POV, but he started taking it over as it went along. I thought Bean Lady might be something a young boy would call her?

    • When I Googled Runner Beans and viewed the image results I just thought “Oh, they are just green beans”. Its the first time I’ve ever heard them called by that name, we’ve always just thought of them as a variation of the standard green bean. (I know, diverse huh… lol)

      I like the POV of the child and thought calling the woman “bean lady” was a nice touch.

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