Taking Time Out

This isn’t a personal blog, it’s all about my writing, so I wasn’t going to do this.  But I figure I should explain why I’ve been away and how it’s affecting my writing.  I did start this to track my writing so surely anything that helps or hinders should go in – right?!

Regular readers of this blog will have read about my boyfriend on more than one occasion.  He was the one that gave me the idea of starting a blog, encouraged me to keep at it, encouraged me to take part in NovelPI and NaNo last year, and was basically really really supportive with all my writing.  Notice the past tense.  Yeah, we’ve just been through a rough patch which resulted in us breaking up.

After nearly two years together it is taking me a little time to get back on my feet.  I’m also going to have to adjust to him not being there for me and my writing.  Without his encouragement I wouldn’t have started a blog, got myself on Twitter, and I’m not sure how much of my writing course I would have done.  He was also the person I told all my exciting news, in fact the person I told everything I was doing.  He also got me through NaNo by promising me a Wii if I completed the 50,000 words.

When we broke up (amicably) he made me promise that I’d keep up with the writing; maybe thinking that as he’d been my instigator to everything I’d equate it with him and not want the reminder so quit. But I love writing and there’s no way I’m going to give it up – not until I can’t write anymore.  And hopefully that will be a very very very long time. 

I have found, that writing helps take my mind off everything.  When I can actually start something, it transports me to this world where all that matters, all that’s happening are the words in front of me and the story coming out of me.  So that’s good. God knows what I’d be doing right now if I didn’t have writing. 

I’ve heard a saying before that goes ‘People are with you for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime.’  As he’s not going to be a lifetime, I guess his reason was to help me start this writing thing.  I’ll always love him for that!

So yeah, that’s why I’ve been so quiet.  And may remain pretty quiet for a little while longer.  But I’ll be back.  Just wait and see.


4 thoughts on “Taking Time Out

  1. Sorry to hear about the break up. That hurts.

    You have a new motivating audience to keep you on track, all those who come here to read your pieces and support you to keep going. Not quite the same as having someone “in the flesh.”
    I’ve found it very encouraging to have people keep coming back to my first drafts for Fiction Friday (even if this week’s one is not so good) – people I have never met. Surrounding yourself (metaphorically at least) with people who will fan the flame of your passion is a good thing.
    Bless you.

    • Thanks Adam. I’d not thought about having people here to keep me motivated, but you’re right. It’s comments and encouragement from you guys that keeps me going more than anything. And that mean more than anyone else’s comments. You guys don’t have to leave comments, you could just read then move on, but you take the time to – that means a lot.

      Thanks everyone 🙂

  2. Everyone you have loved, and everyone you will come to love in the future, imprint some part of their essence or energy upon the soul, or the aspect of personality which defines you. I’m not sure if I entirely hold to the fact that we are changed by our friends and lovers as much as fiction would have us believe, though I’m sure that there are things which “carry on beyond.” Your writing, and the memories of your time together, will continue. You have (hopefully) learned a lot, so the relationship isn’t a failure because it has ended.

    We all change over time, our tastes evolving and our thoughts refining, so you should – not right away, but in time – see that things worked out the way they did for a reason. You were meant to be together, even if it wasn’t forever and ever like in the fairy tales. Real life isn’t governed by a cadre of Disney screenwriters feverishly working away in the background, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t write your own happy ending. Evolve and refine.

    When you get your work published, and I have no doubt that you will in time achieve that goal, make sure you send your ex a copy. Signed, and inscribed with a note reminding him of the journey you took through life together, and how he managed to spark the inspiration for the new journey you are on. Don’t worry about taking time away from this blog until you are more composed – it is never wise to rush things which require time and patience. We’ll still be here when you get back.

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