A Blog About Books, Maybe Too Many Books?

There are definitely not enough free hours in the day.  Why?  What do I want to do more of?  Why  read of course.  I possibly should say writing too.  Ah.  Yeah, and to write. Uhmm. 

I’ve been thinking this morning about all the books I want to read – I do think about this pretty often.  Yesterday I told you I was reading a book, but was getting a bit bored by it.  Well when I got to page 70 last night, I decided to give up.  Life’s just too short, and there’s too many books I actually want to read, to keep reading something that’s not interesting me.

So that means a trip to the library to return said book.  Yeah, the library, we all know that spells trouble.  Although, having read today’s Confessions of a Wannabe Chick Lit Author , I think maybe I should stop thinking that.  She nicely pointed out that the person before you could have read the book on the toilet. Euch.  Gross. 

Anyway, library. I started thinking about getting a book out. ‘Cause you know, my pile of 80 odd books at home isn’t enough for me, I want more. Now my library’s got this great online section – including an online catalogue.  Uh oh.  I thought it might be helpful to see if any of my wish list are available at the moment… uh, yeah a couple are there.  I want them.  I shouldn’t.  I know I shouldn’t.  Not when I’ve just started another book.  Not when I need to read some more modules before I get on with my next writing course assignment.  I know I shouldn’t pick them up.  But I don’t know if I’m going to be able to help myself. 

The other reason I shouldn’t is that at the end of this month another couple of books on my wish list come out in paperback, so I know I’m going to HAVE to buy them (my ex did hint at buying them when his bonus came through- which coincides with their release date – but due to his ‘ex’ status I think I’ll be buying them myself! Damn! 🙂  )

The good thing with library loans, is you can have the books for three weeks.  So if I was to get them today, I’ve ages to return them. But then on the other hand, if I know they’re at the library, do I need to get them while I’m reading a book? This is so hard, I know what I should do, but I think I know what I’m going to do – and it’s not what I should do.

Another book related thought.  There’s a Book Event visiting work today.  Luckily their selection of fiction is worse than…(ah help – can you insert funny anecdote here). But they have the most amazing COOKERY BOOKS.  I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned my like (I was going to say addition, but that’s maybe a little strong) of cookery books. 

I fully blame my mother for this. She has shelves and shelves of cookery books. More than some shops have. And does she use any of them? Some. Not many. I blame the genes she handed down to me. As soon as I left home I started buying cookery books. Lots of them. And how often do I look at them? Well reasonably frequently; I like looking at them to imagine the meals I could make. How often do I use them? Ah. Well. Not often. In fact, I bought an Indian cookery book at one of the last events. I may have used it once, but I’m not sure.

So why, WHY do I want to buy 2 (yes TWO) more? I am terrible. One’s a Chilli cook book: Chilli’s really good for you and raises your metabolism so helps you lose weight so would be a great book to have. The other one has tips about freezing foods, and… um lots of recipes.  I don’t want to buy them, but I think I might have to. They’re only £4 each.  That’s nothing. And it is pay-day tomorrow… Eek.  I really do not want to be going home tonight with 4+ more books than I came to work with.  AGGGGHHHHHHHH. 

Ok.  Move away from the book talk NTWG.

I didn’t do any writing yesterday. That’s not a good start to my 250 words a day (which technically I said would be from May, but I wanted to start yesterday).  I will do it today. I will, I will, I will. 

Also, I will learn to only put one space after a full stop. It’s just so hard to do when I’ve spent 20 odd years putting two.

5 thoughts on “A Blog About Books, Maybe Too Many Books?

  1. You have a pile of roughly 80 books to read…… that is insane, LOL

    My “to-be-read” pile sits at about 12 books. Generally I wait until it dwindles down to a book or two then I’ll place an order for a bunch more. Buying several at a time allows me to take advantage of free shipping through Amazon.

    I really should consider going to a library but I have a thing for books. I want to own a copy just in case i want to re-read it in the future or hand to a future child and say “Here, give this book a try”.

    My current stack of books is pictured here – http://www.twitpic.com/1c0uk8 – with the only change being I’m all but finished Mad Ship and have added Random to the pile.

    Eighty books, my wife has a fit when a shipment of ten shows up for me to read…. LOL

  2. Firstly, please don’t put images of people reading library books on the toilet in my head. Ewww. I’ve been trying to encourage people to use the library more, and I’m gonna be thinking of precisely one thing when I talk about how handy it is to pop in to a library and pick up books and I don’t want that image in my head. Ewww again, thank you.

    And the “funny anecdote here” challenge is too good to pass up. 😀

    Luckily their selection of fiction is worse than…

    …the British Museum’s moral stance on artifacts plundered from Egypt.
    …a Jeffrey Archer audiobook read by Joe Pasquale – in Esperanto.
    …a marathon screening of Pets Do The Funniest Things.

    I had better curtail that before I land myself in trouble. 🙂

    Walt, if you think that TBR pile is bad, then you might not want to consider the implications of my spare room. There’s a stack (okay, several actually, but slowly merging together) roughly four square feet across, six feet wide, and four feet high of books I have yet to read or re-read. I pulled them from the shelves and took them out of their boxes at Christmas time in order to fact-check details for a WIP.

    Then there’s the storage boxes full of books in the other room, which are essential for a non-fic I’m finishing up writing.

    Sometimes it feels as if I’m living in a library…

    • Sorry, but I was merely repeating 🙂 I got the image while I was reading a library book last night. Euch!

      He he, that’s better anecdotes than I could’ve come up with – can you come and make my blogs funnier for me?

      I feel much better about my TBR pile now… although strangely a little jealous of yours…

      • Most of the books are very, very dry and informative, though there is the odd Gem in there as well (which has a double meaning for those aware of the nature of the project). It isn’t as much fun as you would think, primarily because the facts all have to be checked, re-checked, then checked again – tiresome if there is one detail sticking out, but a nightmare if an entire entry needs to be re-written from scratch.

  3. I do have a little book buying addition. If something looks good – especially if it’s cheap. Plus my step mum and best friend read loads too so I get books from them. The trouble is, when I get a new book I generally want to read it more than the old ones, so they get left and the newer ones get read. Sigh.
    I might post a pic of my book shelf…

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