Archive | April 28, 2010

I’ve Started

I said I re-start writing again, and yesterday I did just that. I’m going to aim for writing 250 words a day – I’m even going to try that at weekends.  250 words is, afterall, not all that many when you sit down and start writing (I need to keep telling myself that anyway). There were a couple of days during NaNo last year when I wrote around 7 THOUSAND words.

The difference with then and now is that then I was working on something – a novel. I’m not working on anything now. Maybe I should start another novel, or continue working on ‘Holiday’, but I feel like as I’m doing my writing course I shouldn’t really take on anything else. Plus I’ve got my NaNo novel ‘Italian Infatuation’ (II) to edit. 

I keep thinking about II.  It’s now been nearly five months since I finished it, and I’ve done nothing except read it, and ask other people to read it to get their opinions. I roughly know what I’m going to take out and add to, and I’ve done some more research to fill in the blanks, but I just can’t seem to get the enthusiasm to started editing. 

Anyway, lets move away from these negative things and concentrate on the fact I did some writing yesterday.  It was just a little idea that popped into my head, so will probably never get used, but still, writing is writing. AND I went over the 250 words to 277. Woop! Lets see if I can carry it on today. I’m not going to carry on with that bit of writing, but I’ll think of something.

Actually I’ve already thought of something, excellent.  There’s a website I quite like called NovelKicks and they give a daily writing prompt. Today’s is something that interested me. I thought I’d do it from the perspective of Kate who’s the heroine in ‘Holiday’ – I think it will suit her well.  Who knows it might turn into something that I could add to ‘Holiday’ itself.

I’m a little annoyed with my writing course at the moment. Before I start the next assignment I’ve got to re-read the last four modules I read. I only just read them, so don’t want to have to re-read them already. But I’m going to have to. Damn.


If you read my blog yesterday you’ll remember I was having a couple of book dilemmas yesterday.  Well, the cookery book dilemma was sorted by me buying both the books I wanted! Hey they were only £4 each – and I’ll try my hardest to use them, promise.

I didn’t go to the library yesterday, I’m going in a minute. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to pick up any more books while I’m there. I’m reading a book, and I’ve got these writing course modules to read, so I’ll leave them there. I know where they are, so I can go back and find them when I’m done with these things.