Archive | May 14, 2010

Fiction Friday – The Bad Idea

Well, on the 3rd attempt at this prompt I found something that wasn’t sex related, or way too personal to post. So here we go, a very short, but hopefully a little fun piece taken from the following prompt from Write Anything:

“I knew it was a mistake the moment it was over.”


          I knew it was a mistake the moment it was over, but I knew I hadn’t had a choice. I’d been compelled. I tried not to, but my body ignored my mind and went ahead and did it.

          I wasn’t sure what the repercussions would be? I was only answering to myself, but that was bad enough. It had been fun, no magical, no amazing. It had been the best thing I’d done in the last… wow, maybe three months. I’d pay for it somehow, but wow, it was so worth it!

          I got up off the park bench, brushed the crumbs off my skirt and threw the cake wrapper in the bin, knowing the diet would continue from that moment.  

Guess who’s got a diet on her mind! I wanted to make it a little longer, to build the suspense a little more, but it seemed like a good place to end it there. Let me know what you think, please. And have a good weekend!