Archive | May 18, 2010

Something Strange…

… seems to have come over me today. I was walking back from the library (I know…) and thinking that I’ve never written a story that’s idea came from people talking in the street/on the train/tube/in a coffee shop. I hear that’s how a lot of writers get ideas, so was thinking I should try it.

All of a sudden (well, not really suddenly) two people were walking towards me. I heard the women say ‘Her name was Maria, but…’ I didn’t hear anything else. So my mind went into overdrive and after discounting an idea where Maria was actually Martin, I thought of a story. Two hours and 1,600 odd words later it’s all on paper. Roughly, but it’s there. And there’s a pretty pleased with herself person typing this.

I may have to try that more often. I do think that sometimes, usually when I’m sitting on the tube. But, not that many people actually talk on the tube, and even less speak in English! Still, it’s obviously something well worth doing.

Back to the library then. I had to go today and take some books back. *stifles giggle as knows what’s coming next* I returned three… and got out… wait for it… only two. Wow. That’s pretty good for me. Last time I went there with the intention of getting nothing I came out with 4 books – although they were mini read small books, so really the amount of time it took me to read them, they should only count as one.

One of the books I got today isn’t even fiction – it’s an Italian translation book. Hey, have I mentioned I’m going to Rome? I may have done. Did I mention I go a week tomorrow!  Wooo Hooooo! So, yeah, one language book. The other one is Love Lies by Adele Parks.

It’s no small coincidence that the book I’m reading now is an Adele Parks and the next one I’m going to read is by her too. The current one is ‘Mrs Whippy’ one of those short novellas that I picked up. It’s great, and it reminded me that I’ve still not read Love Lies and that I know they have it at the library. Yay for libraries.

Right, I suppose I should go and do some work now. I love having a job where I can write so much if I want to; next time I complain about the hours or the pay (which is actually pretty good when you consider how little I do), I’ll have to remember today. Oh, and every Friday where I spend a LOT of time writing!