Shiny, New and Red

If you don’t follow me on Twitter (@new2writinggirl) you may not have heard the exciting news today: I’ve got my new laptop. It’s luuuurrvely. It’s Advent (which my last one was so I know they’re good) and shiny (so shiny when you touch it you leave a mark – maybe not so good) and Red (yes red gets a capital here – cause you know, I can!) It wasn’t supposed to be red, it was supposed to be black, but you know, I love the red now. And I’ve got a very sexy pair or red shoes that will totally match it (cue strutting about the house in my shoes holding my laptop).

I’ve got it – that means I have to start editing Italian Infatuation. I said I would when I get it and get it set up. Ha, see what I did there, left myself a loop-hole to NOT start the editing just quite yet. It’s going to take a couple of days for me to get everything set up on there properly, and I’m going to Rome on Wednesday, so I’ll start it when I get back. I know you could look at that as putting it off, but it’s not, it’s being realistic. I have to play, and transfer everything over from my old one. I’m happy with that. I’ll start in June (well 31st May, but you know).

Oh. I’m actually going to do this… Eek. I’m going to start editing my novel. Eek.

I’m really loving the book I’m reading Loves Lies by Adele Parks. I’m wondering though if the beginning of it is a little too close to what I’m going through in my at the moment, and have a feeling the end won’t be good for me.  I doubt the next section’s going to feel like me – she falls madly in love with a pop star and moves to LA with him (Robbie, where are you?). How nice would that be actually? Then I could give up work and write all day. Now, where do pop stars hang out…? Good thing I’ve done my writing for today (and productive writing – my course), I may spend the rest of the afternoon day-dreaming…

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