Archive | May 24, 2010

Writing Weekend

OK, that’s a little exaggeration. I didn’t spend a weekend writing, but I did write at the weekend. Twice. Once on Saturday and once on Sunday. And on Sunday I didn’t have my laptop on me, so I did 350+ words BY HAND! I know, I’m still in a little shock myself. Still, I’m sure (knowing my track record) it won’t last!

Speaking of laptops – I am loving my new laptop. It’s so fast (unlike my old one) and quiet (ditto) and pretty damn sexy. I love it. Except, the keys are a little weird. I think they’re just a smudge too big. Or something. Just means I’ll have to do a lot of writing to get used to them! And to stop pressing CAPS when I try to hit ‘a’ – that’s driving me mad.

Everyday I’m trying to write 250 words, but because I’m not actually working on anything, each time I need to think up something to write. For some reason I’ve started to use these writing spurts as a bit of getting to know the background of the characters from Italian Infatuation. So far I’ve written short squirts from the lead up to FMC splitting with her husband MMC talking to his wife before she dies and MMC trying to get over his wife’s death. I don’t know why I started doing that, but I think it’s a great idea. I’m even starting to think the story of MMC and his wife would make a great book in itself; but lets not go down that route now. Not when I’ve got so many other ideas floating round that old brain of mine.

I had a thought over the weekend, and I think I’m going to follow it through. Now I’ve got a laptop with a decent wireless card (or whatever it is that makes the wireless internet happen – technology is not my forte) I’m going to be able to set up my printer. I couldn’t before because I need to go online to find the program to load it (or something), and my laptop’s wireless didn’t work in my room. Tonight, or maybe tomorrow night, I’m going to set up the printer… and… (if there’s any ink)… print out Italian Infatuation… And take it on holiday to re-read… and… START EDITING. Wow. I really think I’m going to do this. Eek. Agh.

Lets just go over that bit there – go on holiday. Yeah! I go to Rome on Wednesday! Woopie!