Yes that’s goodbye in Italian, for I am on my way to Italy. Well, I will be in the morning. Yay.

I’m not going to put any pressure on myself to do any writing while I’m away. I probably will do some, but I’m not going to feel bad if I don’t. I’ll probably do lots of reading though. I’m halfway through one book and would like to finish that and at least start another one. As I said yesterday I’d also like to get a start on editing Italian Infatuation (very fitting – even though I’m going to Rome and it’s set in Tuscany), but I don’t know if I’ll be able to set up my printer tonight to get it printed off. I’m probably going to take my laptop with me, so that will take away that excuse. It’s so nice having a light laptop that I know won’t be a struggle to take away!

So, have a lovely few days people. I’ll see you on the other side (next week)…

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