Fiction Friday – 28th May

I’m doing this early as I’ll be away on Friday and know no matter how good my intentions are, I won’t get to write anything. The prompt is:

A writer’s computer begins to flash messages on its screen, as if trying to communicate.

I actually didn’t have that much time writing, so there’s not a full story like I usually do,  but just five or so minutes of what came out of my head from the prompt. Let me know what you think anyway, would you be interested to read any more, have I managed to get some intrigue in?


            One single word. Just 5 letters, one syllable. It was hard to believe what it was about to start. Tony started at the computer screen. He rubbed his eyes and pinched his arm, he was definitely awake, and wasn’t seeing things. He had hoped this day would never come, but it had, and he had to face it.


            The word was repeated. This time more aggressively in capitals. With every bone in his body, he wanted to ignore it, but he knew that wasn’t an option, not now.

            When he’d imagined this moment, he’d thought of 100 different ways it would play out, none of them had been like this – with a computer flashing the name Frank. He thought it would happen in public, not when he was at home alone. Alone he had time to think, in public he wouldn’t have had any.

            So who was it? He had no idea. He didn’t know enough about computers to be able to even work who was sending this message. Or how. How? That would stump him. It must be through the internet, but how it was coming up on Notepad was lost on him. He knew there were people he could call that could look into it, but that would involve explaining the name – he couldn’t do that. Not yet, not if there was a chance he could keep this a secret.

            Who could it be? He didn’t know, he thought that it was dead and buried, hoped it was anyway, but obviously not. Someone somewhere knew his name was Frank not Tony, and now they were telling him they knew. Did they know all about Frank too? Could this person wreck everything he has? It had taken him years to get this level of success and fame and he didn’t want to give it up, there was no way he was ready to give it up. But he knew if the truth came out, he’d lose his fans – he’d lose them faster than overnight, he’d lose them the second they found out.

            He didn’t know what to do. He had to communicate with whoever it was, but how could he do that? Type into Notepad too?


4 thoughts on “Fiction Friday – 28th May

  1. I read this when you posted it to Twitter last week but commenting on it slipped my mind, sorry about that.

    I think this piece is pretty interesting and opens us up to a much larger storyline. Such as, why is Frank now Tony and what was he involved in that required a change in identity?

    • Thanks for coming back and commenting – I’ve not got over to look at the stories yet, looking forward to seeing what everyone did with the prompt.
      I’d love to explore it a little more to see why indeed he’s Tony – if I can ever think up a good enough reason I might work on it a little more!

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