Archive | June 7, 2010

I have a feeling I’m going to be writing and blogging a lot over the next few weeks as I’ll be procrastinating over job hunting!

Something monumental happened over the weekend. I started editing Italian Infatuation. When I say editing, it’s mainly actually crossing out. The first three pages went straight away, as did half the fourth page. Oh dear. But, at least I’ve started it.

What I’ve decided to do (what I decided once I started doing it anyway) is go through crossing bits out, circling bits to move and adding notes of what needs to go where – on the paper copy. Then when I’ve done that I’ll go through on the computer and make the changes and add the bits I need to add. I have no idea if that’s the right way to go about it, but I think it’s going to work for me. I hope. Hey, it’s a learning curve, if it goes wrong I can start again!

The thing I noticed immediately on reading it, is how much better, tighter, my writing’s got in the last six months. (Ok, I’ve just had a little heart attack that it’s six months since I finished the first draft – seriously where has the time gone??!). The dialogue I’ve read so far just seems  unrealistic and there are so many extra words that just aren’t needed. I’m worried my 50,000  word novel is going to end up about 20,000 when I’ve finished with it. I guess it won’t cause I know there’s lots more I need to add in.

I can’t believe having just decided I need a new job, I’ve started editing the novel. How many time-consuming things can I fit in my life?

Last night, as I was going to bed I thought of a conversation that I should put in the story I’m going to write for Rowan Coleman’s Short Story Competition. I knew I’d forget it if I didn’t write it down, so did. 244 words later I had 1/4 of the story. It’s so typical that I think up something great (I hope) late at night – it couldn’t come to me during the day could it? I guess I should just be happy that ideas are coming to me.

I’m still loving 1984. I was reading it on the tube this morning, and just as it pulled into the station something really exciting happened. Agh. I hate it when that happens. I think I’ll be spending my lunch break reading today.