Not Writing and #1b1t

I think it’s a good thing I have a job and am not sat at home writing every day. I didn’t know how much procrastinating I could actually do. Not just for writing, but also for going to the gym. It’s amazing – but on  a positive note, I’ve now got a clean house and am about to sew up a top. I’m thinking about learning what darning socks is so I can do that. Ha.

I did promise myself I’d work on my writing course, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. I’ve not looked at it for probably a month, so really should do that. Even if I just do a little bit, it’s better than none. I’m going away this weekend, up to  Scotland, so will print it off in the morning and take it to the airport. There’s an hour journey down to Heathrow so could get a bit done then.

Or I could just carry on reading my book – that’s so much more likely. This One Book One Twitter ‘experiment’ is awesome. Over the medium that is Twitter I’ve been having a conversation with someone about the book – American Gods. A little convo, but still a convo with someone I never would’ve spoken to otherwise. They’re in Pasadena, CA, USA. Crazy – it’s a global book club. I’m really enjoying the book, but I have noticed there’s a lot of telling not showing. But I think that’s just Gaiman’s style. Or the style of the novel anyway. Even though I know it’s  a writing no-no, it doesn’t bother me at all!

Right, sew up top, put on more washing, go to the gym… then writing. Except… Won’t it then be time to get ready to go out tonight? And when am I going to pack…?  I guess if I was at home writing, being here during the day wouldn’t be such a novelty, so I’m sure I’d get some done. Right?

2 thoughts on “Not Writing and #1b1t

  1. Gaiman’s use of “telling” is very effective at setting tone and holding reader attention, despite all of the advice which would suggest it is “wrong.” The rules of writing, as has been pointed out by numerous people over the years, aren’t so much defined rules which must never be broken, rather they are suggestions which can be taken or left. You first have to know the rules before rampant rule-breaking can begin, and if anyone knows the right way to go about breaking writing rules, I’m willing to go out on a limb to say that it is Neil Gaiman.

    I never got around to finishing the book (an impulse purchase of Sandman tpb’s got in the way), but from everything I have heard it is every bit as good as the publicity suggests.

    Where in Scotland are you heading? There’s been a run of great weather this last week, so if you are in Edinburgh or Fife it should be a very pleasant trip. Not so much further North, but farther to the top of the country has always had a bit of a chill associated with it.

    Have fun. 🙂

    • You should give AG another shot. I am addicted to it. I keep questioning why because I keep getting lost and fogetting who people are and just not understanding it, but at the same time I love it.

      I went to Stirling/Glasgow. The weather was ok – it rained on Sunday, but was fine. Just a shame London was SO hot this weekend and I was out of town for it. Fingers crossed for this weekend being nice.

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