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Good Day

After the disastrous couple of days I’ve had (writing wise) today’s actually been pretty good. I’ve… wait for it… worked on my writing course! To be honest I’ve not all that much, but I think editing 2 sections is quite an achievement. I’ve also started another part of it. I’ll try to get that done as my daily writing before I leave work tonight.

I’m going out tonight so I definitely won’t be able to do any writing when I get home – unlike last night. Yep, when I got home, I did some writing! That’s the first time in soooo long. I’m really happy with myself for that. Now if I could just start doing that regularly.

I made a couple of really big decisions in the last 24 hours that are going to change my life (and writing) quite dramatically.

Firstly, my housemate is selling up and moving. She’s staying in London, but I’ve decided I’m not going to move with her, but find somewhere new. Exciting and scary. She’s probably not going to put it on the market until the end of July, but that’s something to think about. I’m seeing it as a positive thing – new people, new area, new room. I’m going to choose a room this time that has (or can fit) a desk (my current room doesn’t have one, and there’s no desk or even table I can comfortably write on in the lounge or kitchen). Then I’ll have no excuse not to write in the evenings and at weekends. I think having a dedicated place for writing will make me more inclined to do some.

The other big decision is that I’m going to look for a new job. Now. Well, I’m going to start this week anyway. There’s a couple of main reasons for that. The first being that I don’t know if I’ll have a job in September anyway – I’m a contract receptionist and the company I’m working at are moving offices – they’re not sure if they’re taking us with them. So, if they don’t, hopefully my company will find me another job, but it will be in September. If they don’t I’ll be looking for a new job. Potentially round about the time I move. I don’t want to be moving and starting a new job at the same time – so I figure I’ll start the ball rolling with a new job now. If I can get one within a month (fingers crossed), I’ve got to give a month’s notice so can leave early August, so be settled in before I start looking for somewhere to live.

The other reason for it, is that I’d quite like a nicer place than I can currently afford. If I get a job which pays better than this one, I’ll be able to afford a better room, in a better house, in a better neighbourhood than I currently can.

So what does that mean for writing? Well, short-term it means I’m going to have to be very disciplined. Last time I looked for a job it took up all my spare time (and more). So this time I’m going to set aside specific hours in the day to write, and to job hunt. Hopefully that way I’ll be able to carry on writing while I look for something else.

Long term – well, that all depends on the job I find. Most of the writing I do at the moment is at work. My job’s so quiet that I get so much time to do it a day. If I get another job like this great. However the chances are slim (and I’d quite like a more interesting job where I’m actually doing something). So again, I’ll have to be disciplined. I’ll have to spend x minutes a day writing – during my lunch breaks or whatever, then will have to set aside specific times in the evenings (maybe two or three times a week) and at weekends just to write.

This could be a good thing. At the moment I can get a little complacent – I think I’ve got all day to write, so will do it later, later, later. Then when later comes I find I’ve actually got work to do or something that stops me from writing. This way if I make myself write at specific times, I may well get more done!

That’s all my news for today. Tomorrow’s Friday which can only mean Fiction Friday over at WriteAnything and Rowan Coleman’s Stauts Short Story Friday. Yay! Love Fridays!

Wednesday’s Woes

‘Woes’ is maybe a little strong, but I like the alliteration. And really, I am going to have a little moan.

It’s my own fault – no one forced me to drink copious amounts of (free!!) champagne last night. There was no gun to my head – but like I said, it was FREE! How can you not?

So obviously I’ve not done any writing today. Or any editing of my writing course assignment, or Italian Infatuation. Damn. Yesterday I also did a pretty bad show of writing – 158 words. Not good enough. So much for June being a new start. Tomorrow! Definitely tomorrow!

Actually no, I’m going to try to write something when I get home. I won’t feel like it, but tucked up in bed I’m sure I can stretch to 250 words. Surely I can. The only reason I didn’t make it that high yesterday was that I ran out of time at work then was out all night (then it didn’t even cross my mind after the 3rd or 4th champagne!).

I did really enjoy Sex and The City 2 though. I’ve heard it got pretty bad reviews, but it was exactly what I expected, and I went home feeling warm, fuzzy and happy. Just what you want.

I have done a couple of productive things today. First I updated my ‘Currently Reading’ picture to the side of my blog to show 1984. I also updated my Reading/Read page with the novels I’ve read recently. Then I added links from that page to the novels I’ve reviewed. Oh, I also went through the books I’ve read for the Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge and wrote the books I need to review. And emailed my ex to ask him to set up my T&SRC page so I can add them there too. And now I’ve nearly done a blog. See, the day’s not been a waste afterall.

Tomorrow I’ll get on with some writing, and my writing course. No excuses!

So now I’m back, From outerspace… eh no, from Italy

It may as well be a different planet though – when we left Rome it was HOT and SUNNY and now in London it’s COLD and RAINING. So cold I’ve had the heater on today. How depressing (if being back from holiday wasn’t depressing enough in itself!)

While I was away I finished reading Love Lies by Adele Parks. It was great – so good I had to stay up late the last night I read it to finish it. Do you ever wish you coud read through closed eyes? I totally did. But was pleased I made the effort. Total chick lit bliss. I just need to keep in mind it’s fiction not real life. The beginning sort of echoed mine and so I don’t want to be thinking now that it could happen. 

I read a book once, a chick lit book, that actually changed my life. I think had I not have read it at that time I wouldn’t have made a decision that totally changed my life. Weird eh. It was Straight Talking by Jane Green – no wonder she’s one of my favourite authors of all time!

Once I’d finished that book, I started on another. A few months ago I decided I need to read some classic books as pretty much all I read is chick lit, romance and crime/thrillers and want to expand my reading. Plus there’s always those things that tell you the 100 or 1000 books you should read before you die – I’m always lacking in them. So, when I was in a book shop with my mum she offered to buy me a book (yes, I have the best mum in the world!) and next to where we were standing was 1984 by George Orwell. Decision made. But obviously I’d not picked it up – until now.

I am loving it, when you consider how long ago it was written (I think 1949 ish) it doesn’t seem dated at all. Even though it was written so long ago and set in the future, which is now the past it doesn’t seem dated. In fact, I keep thinking that you could change the name to 2084 and it could seem like it’s a novel set in the future.

It reminds me a lot of a sci-fi book I read recently – The Caves of Steel by Asimov. His was also set in the future and although his future wasn’t as strict, I keep thinking they’re very similar. Regardless, I’m really enjoying it. I should’ve picked it up months/years ago.

I didn’t do any writing while I was away. I did think about it, but the thought didn’t go as far as getting up and finding some paper. For once I actually don’t care that I didn’t do anything – I was on holiday and why should holiday mean holiday from one type of work to be doing something else. Not that I consider writing work, but you know what I mean.

Just before I left I did take one HUGE step. I got my printer synced with my computer (well… it did it itself – LOVE that computer) and printed out the first draft of Italian Infatuation. I didn’t read it or anything, but at least I now have a hard copy of it that I can start editing. It’s a small step, but at least it’s a step in the right direction!

I’m going to try to edit my writing course assignment this week. I wrote the four sections before I went away so in theory all I need to do is edit them (all I need to do!), BUT, for the second section you had to choose 2 out of 6 prompts to take. I wanted to have a go at 4, then choose the 2 I thought were the best to send off. I don’t know if I’ll do that now, or just stick to the 2 I’ve done. I’ll think about it tonight and get started on it one way or another tomorrow.

As it’s June now, I’m going to come up with a plan for myself to get my motivation going again after holiday. I’m not sure what yet, but it will probably involve writing 250 words a day at least 6 days a week, and writing at least 5 blogs a week. If I’ve got a written plan I should be able to stick to it. Should.

Totally unrelated – I’m going to see Sex and the City tonight at a private showing with cocktails and canapes. It’s so true it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!