A Quick Little Ramble

This is why I like goals. Without a July goal to post 5 blogs a week, I’d turn my computer off now and go to bed. But I have this goal, so instead I’ll sit and do a quick blog (aren’t they the ones that usually go on forever?!)

I finished American Gods by Neil Gaiman today. I enjoyed it, but I have no idea why. It’s not my kind of thing, and for half of it I was questioning what the hell was going on. Still, glad I read it. I was really amused by a bit I read today *spoiler alert* – it was a bit where the MC discovers there’s a god living in a town, and keeping it safe and stuff, but the price is the death of a child of the town each year. Amused me cause I wrote a story for Fiction Friday months ago where the devil came and took the town’s children as part of a condition of a deal made years ago. Get me,one of my ideas is similar to NEIL GAIMAN’s. He he!

I got The Memory Collector by Meg Gardiner for my birthday yesterday (my birthday’s my excuse for not blogging yesterday). I’ll be starting that tonight or tomorrow. I can’t wait, I’ve wanted to read it for AGES!

I missed a week of Fiction Friday a few weeks ago as I was away, but last week I started a story for it regardless. I read it today, I love the premise of it, but don’t know where to take it, it’s obviously only a short story, and the couple obvioulsy get together, but I don’t know if that’s enough. I like my short stories to have twists. I seem to be quite good at twists.

Ok that really is it. Bed for me now!

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