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Fiction Friday – The Woman with the Gun

I did something I’ve never done before and started this before Friday. Good thing I did, it took me 3 days to complete – yeah sorry, it’s quite long – 1,500 words! Massive thanks to John, who made me realise I didn’t need to do the ending I was planning, which would have added a few hundred more words – an extra 67 did it. Thanks John! The prompt this week from Write Anything is:

In her right hand a woman holds a loaded gun, in her left, a coin that just came up ‘tails’…NOW WRITE…

In her right hand a woman holds a loaded gun, in her left, a coin that just came up ‘tails.’

‘If it could be any other way honey, you know I’d take it, but the coins never lie.’ She looked Tim dead in the eye and tried to close her ears to his muffled cries. She had to be strong, she couldn’t let him see any weakness. It didn’t matter that she loved him more than she’d ever loved anyone in the world. They had Edward and Bella love. That love that would never die.

Or they had anyway. She guessed she’d never know what went wrong, she certainly hadn’t noticed a change, but at some point it had happened and there was only one way out. If her mother found out what happened and she hadn’t taken the right course of action, she’d kill her. Or cut her off. Or something, it wasn’t worth finding out. Besides, she wanted her revenge. Granted, she would take lesser revenge if it was up to her, but she’s her mother’s daughter, she could only do this.

‘Any last words? If I take that out your mouth you have to promise not to scream? We don’t want to draw attention to us before we need to, do we?’ He shook his head violently. ‘Promise?’ He nodded with the same ferocity he shook his head a second. Lise threw her head back laughing. ‘I’m asking you to promise something to me, and I believe it? What am I thinking. You didn’t keep to your marriage promises, so why would you keep to this promise?’           

He muffled something again and pointed his head towards her right hand. She looked down and stroked the gun. She laughed again.

‘You’re so right. I have a gun.’ She laughed. ‘Do you think if I’d had a gun the last two years you wouldn’t have strayed?’

Tim just looked at her, pleading.

Lise turned to the window, giving herself a minute to think. She wanted to hear what he had so say, but she loved him so much he might be able to convince her into sparing his life. No, she was strong, she had her plans. The coins told the truth, he could say what he wanted, nothing would convince her of his faithfulness. Besides, she’d seen the video first hand, he couldn’t deny something she’d actually seen.

‘Fine, but if you scream or shout or make any noise louder than your normal voice, I’ll shoot you on the spot.’ She ripped the tape away from his mouth, feeling quite satisfied with the tearing sound it made. He winced and gasped as if he’d been underwater for the last five minutes, but good as his word he didn’t scream.

‘Well? Don’t you have anything to say to me? I’ll put more of this on if you don’t.’

‘NO!’ Lise could tell he hadn’t meant to raise his voice so ignored it. ‘Lise please don’t. I need to talk. I need to tell you what happened.’

‘More lies you mean? I know what happened – I saw the video remember.’

‘But that was…’

‘Wasn’t what? Wasn’t you? I SAW THE VIDEO! I SAW YOU KISS THAT GIRL. You can’t deny it. I saw it. I saw you.’ She had to turn away from him, she couldn’t let him see the tears in her eyes. She had to be strong, even if she felt like crumbling inside.

‘I was set up.’

‘What? Oh so you’re giving me excuses now? There is no excuse for what you did. You kissed someone else on your stag night. After you promised me you wouldn’t. After you promised you’d never kiss anyone else again ever.’ She sobbed slightly, letting the pain bubble out. She sat on the bed opposite the window, still facing away from him, she couldn’t look at him. She’d seen the pain in his eyes and couldn’t cope with it. However much she knew he deserved this, she couldn’t look at him now – she’d give in. Then her mother would kill her. The coins never lie. He’d betrayed her.

‘No, I kissed her. I don’t remember it, but I did. But it wasn’t me.’

‘What? You mean it was someone else? I find that hard to believe, it’s pretty easy to recognise you in the video.’

‘No, it was me physically, it wasn’t me mentally.’

‘What do you mean? You were drunk?’

No! I didn’t drink. I didn’t trust the guys not to shave my eyebrow or something, and I couldn’t let that happen, not with our wedding today.’ She snorted, he ignored it and carried on. ‘I had two drinks all night. I was perfectly fine until I sat down. I remember the girl, but I wasn’t interested, then nothing. Nothing until this morning when I woke up tied to this chair.’

Lise started turning round, but mentally slapped herself first. Don’t believe his lies – I saw the video.

‘I know you’re not likely to believe me, but I swear George drugged me and set me up.’ That made her jump up – this time in anger.

‘I should’ve guessed you’d bring him into it. You’ve always had it agaisnt him haven’t you. You just can’t get past our history can you?’ He started saying something but she cut him off. ‘Why would he do anything? He doesn’t care about us, he’s got Maggie. He’s MARRIED to Maggie. Me and him are FRIENDS. God, I can’t wait to get this over and done with so I stop hearing your bloody jealously over him. I’m so sick of it.’

‘Lise baby that’s not…’

‘Don’t call me that.’ She lifted the gun to his head level. ‘I’m not your baby – I haven’t been since you kissed SOMEONE else.’

‘Sorry, sorry.’ Lise had a feeling if he didn’t have his hands tied up, he’d hold them up to her, surrendering. ‘I need to tell you something. You have to believe me, and if you don’t believe me, you have to talk to Annie.’ That got her attention.

‘What does this have to do with Annie? Why’re you dragging her into this?’ He took a deep breath, as if contemplating whether to carry on with this. His gaze fell to the gun which Lise had dropped at the mention of her best friend.

‘He threatened me.’ Lise snorted and shook her head.

‘Seriously, let this go!’

‘Annie was there,’ he said quietly.

‘Yeah right. Annie would tell me something like that.’

‘I made her promise not to tell you,’ he said, even quieter than last time.

‘No, she wouldn’t keep something like that from me. We tell each other EVERYTHING.’ Tim’s head dropped as he shook his head.

‘She wanted to tell you. We argued about it. Remember that day we went to that gig at Koko and she hardly spoke to me? It was the night before, she was mad at me.’ Lise remembered the night. She had thought it was weird the way Tim and Annie weren’t joking around with each other. She’s thought at the time she was trying to impress her new man, but could what Tim was saying be true? ‘Call her,’ he pleaded, giving her a look of pure love.

On cue her mobile started buzzing in her pocket. It was her mum.

‘Have you done it yet? I thought you’d be back by now?’

‘Is Annie there?’

‘Annie? Yeah? Don’t change the subject. Have you done it? You haven’t have you?’

‘Let. Me. Speak. To. Annie.’

‘Is everything ok?’

‘Get Annie. NOW.’ Lise had never shouted at her mum before, she’d been to scared to, but this was important. This was a matter of life or death. If what he was saying was true, and he was drugged, she wouldn’t have to kill him. But would he take her back? She hoped so. God, please let him be telling the truth.

‘Lisa?’ Annie came on the phone. ‘Where the hell are you? You’re mum’s been saying you’re fine, but WHERE are you? You’re getting married in… an hour. Jeez Lise you need to get here now!’

‘Is my mum there?’

‘Yeah, she’s’

‘Shhhhh. I need you to answer me some questions. It’s a matter of life or death. Understand?’

‘You’re scaring me now. What’s wrong?’

‘DO YOU UNDERSTAND?’ There was silence down the phone; it had been ten years since Lise last shouted at Annie.

‘Ye.. Yeah.’

‘The truth! OK?’

‘Of course.’

‘Has George ever threatened Tim?’ Silence again. Lise looked to the ceiling and said a silent prayer. ‘Annie,’ she said quietly, more restrained, ‘I need you to tell me the truth.’

‘I’m sorry. Tim didn’t want to come between your friendship with George. He knows how much you love him and he didn’t want to wreck that. I wanted to tell you, I know George, he can be unpredictable. I was scared for Tim. Shit. Has something happened to Tim? Oh no! I knew we should’ve told you. This is all my fault. I’m so sorry.’

‘Tim’s fine.’ She heard a huge sigh of relief down the phone. ‘What did he say?’

‘Thank god. He said… Oh god it was awful. He said that if Tim didn’t finish it with you, he’d make sure you did… Whatever it took.’ Tears welled up in Lise’s eyes, she’d been wrong, so wrong to distrust Tim, he loved her as much as she loved him. She turned to him, wondering if he’d be able to forgive her, the look in his eye said it all.

Please let me know what you think…