Thursday’s Thoughts

I don’t think this whole 30 thing is working for me – or it’s working too much! Every day since my birthday last week I’ve been either going out, really tired or hungover. It’s zapping my productivity. Today for instance, should be putting the finishing touches to my story for Rowan Coleman’s Short Story Competition, but instead am very tired and a little hungover. Why do I do it?

I’ve done edit number one on it. The ending always makes me smile – I love the idea of it, I just hope the twist isn’t too subtle, I’m slightly worried it is. Probably just me being paranoid!

Oh no. I just finished this blog, and internet explorer died. Along with the rest of my blog 😦 I may cry! Actually I’ll go have lunch and come back and carry on. So upset!

Right, so where was I?

Rowan Coleman’s been running weekly mini story competitions via Facebook. Back in May I was a runner-up to one of the weekly competitions. Rowan said because my story made her laugh. Hopefully my story for this main competition will also make her laugh.

Having had this runner’s up position makes me a tiny bit confident about entering the comp. Hearing 33 people entered yesterday ALONE makes me anything BUT confident. Especially as I’m really struggling with a few sentences. I just can’t get them right. Other than that I’m pretty happy about it.

I think of the best things about entering this competition is it will hopefully give me confidence to enter more competitions, and maybe even submit a story to a magazine.

(I’ve just realised – I lost my blog. That’s great. On Sunday I lost my phone – then found it – last night I got home without my keys – but found them this morning. As things happen in 3s I’ve been a little worried about what I’d lose next. Very relieved it’s just a blog – I was having visions of it being my purse).

I went to the library the other day. I’d told myself I was allowed to get out two books. I got three, which to be honest was pretty good for me. I can’t remember what two of them are (yeah, they made that much of an impression!). The third (or first, whichever way you look at it) is The Baby Group by Rowan Coleman (see a pattern to this text?!) I’m maybe 1/5 of the way through it.

Reading it though has made me wonder about the characters in my writing. In this novel there are five women in the baby group – each one is totally different with different personalities, with different things motivating them. I’m worried my characters are all the same. I’m going to have to work on this – maybe for Fiction Friday tomorrow. If I get this Rowan Coleman story done in time.

Right off to start on draft 3 of this short story!

4 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts

  1. I think you are worrying too much. Have fun with it and don’t hold anything back. If your story isn’t selected as the winner, take the opportunity to accept some constructive criticism and your next piece will be all the better for it.

    Personally, I kind of like getting into certain things where I feel overwhelmed. Take Fiction Friday for example. So many great entries every week from people with aspirations of being professional writers. Me, I just like to write in my free time. how could I ever write anything that could stand up?

    I got involved, got my bearings and learned from the experience. You’ll soon learn that you have nothing to worry about and regardless of the outcome, you’ll become a better write just by applying yourself.

    Good luck and stop worrying so much, you are going to do just fine!

  2. I absolutely agree with the first comment. Writers are made to be rejected, and that’s how you know you’re a writer. I had a writing professor who was proud of her rejections because 1. it proved she was submitting work and 2. it helped her become better.

    I was a finalist not too long ago for a Glimmer Train short story competition, and the editors were kind enough to tell me that I should feel good about the story even though it didn’t win, and that being a finalist separated me from hundreds of other people.

    While it’s true that it wasn’t an acceptance, I felt tops for months and months after, and my production level soared.

    You should never regret submitting and not being accepted, but you will (I pretty much promise you) regret not submitting as much as possible.

    • You’re totally right – I heard something once about each rejection takes you closer to your first acceptance. Now I’ve sent it off I’m a lot more relaxed about it. It was the first time I’ve sent anything off, but I have every confidence it will be easier next time.

      Thanks for stopping by and your comment 🙂

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