Archive | July 16, 2010

Friday Fun!

I know it’s friday which technically means it should be Fiction Friday, but I’m not too sure if I’m going to take part this week. I probably will, but maybe I’ll leave it until Sunday. Or something.

Today’s been really busy for me. First I had to actually do some work at work (this week is crazy, almost feel like I had a real job with all this work stuff going on). Then I had to edit my story for Rowan Coleman’s Short Story Competition. Oh, that was a mission.

I totally planned to do it on Thursday, then just re-read it today before sending it, but I got accidently drunk on Wednesday, then had house key nightmares and didn’t get much sleep – so needless to say, I wasn’t feeling very creative yesterday. Then when I thought it was finished (or almost) I got a couple of people to read over it, cause I wasn’t 100% sure about the twist. I was right to be worried, they didn’t get it. So then I had to work out how to move it round. Eventually I did it, and sent it off. It’s gone. My first short story competition. It’s pretty exciting. Now I’m over the worry!

I’m now really tired after a week of really early mornings, so am going to go to bed shortly (I’m also working tomorrow – on Saturday, gutted!), so don’t feel like I can give Fiction Friday a fair go now. Tomorrow I’m working then going straight out for my friend’s 30th. So that’s why I’m probably not going to give FF a shot.

There’s another reason too, which I’m a little embarrassed to admit. But as we’re all friends here… The prompt for this week is to use a McGuffin in your story. A McGuffin. What? So they explained what it is, but I don’t really get it. Especially with the examples they used, from two films I’ve not seen. I’m sure if I wasn’t so tired and had more energy I could find out, but don’t have the energy today.

I did have an idea that I’d cheat and use ‘McGuffin’ as a name of a person. Because I said earlier in the week I wanted to use FF as an exercise in trying out different characters. So I thought that McGuffin could be a nasty, or short-tempered man. There would be a nervous person too and someone else. I don’t really know what she’d be. I think when I get the energy or something I’ll write it. Rules are meant to be broken after all 😉

Happy weekend everyone!