Archive | July 22, 2010

Not Doing Today!

Oh dear. This is going to be another blog moaning about how little I’ve done. Sorry, hope I don’t bore you too much.

I hadn’t realised how much I’ve not done recently. It took my friend last night asking if I’d done any to make me realise I haven’t since Friday. I can’t believe I’d not noticed that’s so bad. I think cause I wrote that story for the competition last week I think I’ve been doing stuff. It’s Thursday and I’ve not done anything – tut tut.

I’m going to though, when I finish this I’m going to start (and will probably finish) my Fiction Friday story. I hope the prompt is easier than last week’s – I found it so hard to think of anything that I didn’t play along. I HAVE to this week – I’ll be so disappointed in myself if I don’t do it again.

I’ve just come home for the weekend which means I probably won’t do much reading. That’s quite annoying cause I like the book I’m reading. It’s like chick-lit written by a man. It’s really interesting reading how a man thinks – from a man’s perspective, not a woman thinking like a man. Most of the woman authors I read do that well, but do women ever really know what men think? Really? It’s nice seeing actually what his character is thinking because obviously it’s how a man thinks a man could feel, rather than how a woman thinks a man thinks.

Right, it’s now getting late so I’ll sign off and have a look at this Fiction thing for tomorrow.