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Fiction Friday – Kate Meets Henry

The prompt from Write Anything for this week is:

Pick two established characters, either from your own work or others’. Now write the scene/story of their meeting.

Oh, how much did I love this when I saw it! I knew I had to use Kate – she’s the MC from ‘Holiday’ the novel I’ve half written. I’ve been thinking about her a lot recently. But who could she meet? I couldn’t think of any of my characters, which meant someone else’s. Eek. I was talking about The Time Traveller’s Wife earlier, so Henry the MC from that sprung to mind.

Once he was there he wouldn’t leave. But he left me with a problem – I read the book a few years ago, could I remember enough about him to make a good character? Even worse than that though, he’s an amazing character from an amazing best-selling book. What was I thinking. But the idea was there and I couldn’t get rid of it! Luckily, it turned out to be from Kate’s POV, and Henry didn’t seem to have that much of a part in it in the end. Please let me know what you think of it. Especially if the tense and POV works, I’m not too sure it’s right all the way through… but like the rules state, no editing!

               I walk towards the alley I know is coming up, just about composing myself, but as soon as I walk round the corner I fall against the wall and burst into tears. I’ve done really well tonight holding it together, it’s just after midnight so I’ve been out for hours.

                I doubt my friends have noticed I’ve disappeared so I can probably have a few minutes crying, then pull myself together and go get a taxi home.

                I hear a couple of people’s talking and laughter getting louder so I try to quieten my sobs down. I turn into the alley so they can’t see my blotchy, teary face and come face to face with a naked man. I double take. Yeah, down there. He’s proper naked. His state stops me crying immediately and I burst out laughing. He looks really embarrassed, putting his hands down quickly to cover himself – too late now.

                He’s good looking, tall, tanned skin and very toned. This guy definitely works out. I wonder if he’s on a stag party or something. The funny thing is, I’m sure there was no one in the alley when I walked in. I know I‘m drunk and was crying, but it’s pretty small, I’m sure I would’ve noticed someone. Especially THIS guy.

                I wipe my eyes, hoping he’s too embarrassed about his state to notice the state I’m in. I have to think of something funny or witty to say. Think Kate. Something funny.

                ‘I know it’s getting warmer, but it’s not that warm yet is it?’ Oh god, that’s not funny. He’s not looking any less embarrassed either.

                ‘Sorry… I…’ He takes a couple of steps back, I kind of wish he’d turn round, I bet he’s got a nice arse.

                ‘I need some clothes,’ he says to himself so quietly I hardly hear. There’s a twang to his voice, I don’t think he’s English. Maybe American or Canadian? I snigger.

                ‘Yeah, you do! Stag party?’ He looks confused, then like a light comes on.

                ‘Yeah. My mates dumped me here. Bastards.’ He looks round the alley, there’s a few of those large shop bins and I wonder if he’s thinking of looking for clothes in them. ‘Can you do me a favour?’ A favour? Why are alarm bells going off in my head. I take a step back towards the road, I know he looks safe, but maybe there’s something sinister in his being here. Maybe I’m just drunk and imagining things. He’s just suddenly freaked me out a little, I mean, this guy is naked. And I’ve not got that many clothes on myself. I pull down my short skirt a little, hoping he won’t notice the action. He doesn’t.

                ‘Ummm. What?’

                ‘I need some clothes. There’s a charity shop on the next street along. You couldn’t see if there’s any bags outside?’ I look at him without registering what he’s getting at. I must show that on my face, cause he carries on. ‘Maybe some clothes I could wear?’ Oh right.

                ‘That’s stealing though isn’t it?’ He laughs. Quite a sexy laugh, I’m pretty sure he’s American. I’ve always had a thing for Americans. I’m feeling less freaked out by this, he’s on a stag do. Nothing sinister there! Dammit. Stag do. That means he’s getting married. Oh well. Still, he wouldn’t look at me anyway when half my make up is now on the floor with my tears!

                ‘I’ll get my mates to donate some money to the charity when I find them.’ He’s started moving round a bit so I figure he’s probably a bit cold. Can I really do that? I mean it is stealing isn’t it? Plus I really wanted to go home. But… I’m here, he obviously needs my help.

                ‘Please?’ There’s a slight beg to his tone, he must see that I’m weighing up the options. What shall I do? I turn back to the main road. I know the charity shop he’s talking about – it’s literally 2 minutes away. But what if I get caught? But then, do I really want to NOT help this hot guy? He might be getting married, but what if he’s got friends he could introduce me to. What am I like? Three minutes ago I was crying about Ian, now I’m here thinking about this hot American.

                I turn back to the alley and… he’s gone. There’s no where he can have gone. Maybe behind one of the bins? I walk towards them, but can see from here he’s not there. He’s gone. There’s no way that can happen. Maybe one of the shop doors was open and he’s gone in there? They both look closed to me, and I’m sure I would’ve heard it closing. He’s gone. I know I’m drunk, but I didn’t just imagine that whole conversation. But then a full grown man can’t just disappear into thin air. I don’t get it.

                I move back towards the road, turning back round every second step – each time I expect him to be there. He’s not. Am I going mad? Maybe I have just had too much to drink?