Archive | July 25, 2010

Sunday Evening Thoughts

I’ve come home to where I grew up this weekend for a nice 4 day break. Usually when I’m here I don’t do much reading or writing, but for some reason this time I have. I think it’s probably because I’m usually running about seeing loads of people in two days, but I’ve got extra time so am having more of a leisurely time.

For Fiction Friday I used a character from my part written novel ‘Holiday’ (I really need to think of  a better name for it than Holiday – that sucks). Yesterday when I did some writing I wanted it to be Kate (the character) again. I did the run up to the scene I’d written for FF. It’s made me want to jump back on that train. I started writing it about April last year and periodically wrote bits up until the end of October when I wrote Italian Infatuation for NaNoWriMo. (you know I still get  a kick when I say I wrote a novel in 30 days!) I’ve not done anything with it since because I feel like I should edit II before I go back. But, seeing as I’m not actually doing any editing, maybe I’ll carry on writing Holiday. Even if it’s just 250 words a day.

I’ve just had a thought: in the last year my writing has improved so much – I wonder what kind of state Holiday is in… Worrying.

I keep reading things about NaNo starting again soon – apparently it’s only about 70 days to go. I freaked when I read that. But then I realised that’s actually a couple of months. Actually it can’t be 70 days. November 1st anyway. I’m definitely going to take part again – I think I might write a teen romance for it. No idea why, the thought just came to me the other day. I’ve got a few months to think about it.

I found writing that particular scene for Fiction Friday from Kate’s POV to be a lot easier than the last time I wrote her story. At this time she’s just broken up with someone and is having a hard time getting over him. When I wrote the break up and the following bits for Holiday I found it hard cause I was in a really happy relationship – so identifying with her was quite hard. Because I’ve just been through a break up this time it was a lot easier (although I never found myself crying in an alley with a naked man behind me!) See another good reason for us breaking up – it’s helping with my story writing!!

I’m getting a little bored of the book I’m reading (NOT The Baby Group as the picture shows at the top of the page – I loved that). The story’s great and I love the premise of it, but the way it’s told is boring me a little. It’s like there’s too much background info which at the moment I feel is pointless. I hope things happen that needed all the extra story telling as I get further through it.

I’ve got another long weekend coming up next weekend. I’m going to spend three days with some family that have a pool in the garden (I’m going to see them though – honest!). I’m really looking forward to it cause I think we’re just going to chill the whole time (except when my cousin drags me out for a run!). I need to think of a writing project to get into those days. Maybe start editing Italian Infatuation. Maybe check out Holiday – see where I am, put bits together etc. I’ll have to see.