Sunday Evening Thoughts

I’ve come home to where I grew up this weekend for a nice 4 day break. Usually when I’m here I don’t do much reading or writing, but for some reason this time I have. I think it’s probably because I’m usually running about seeing loads of people in two days, but I’ve got extra time so am having more of a leisurely time.

For Fiction Friday I used a character from my part written novel ‘Holiday’ (I really need to think of  a better name for it than Holiday – that sucks). Yesterday when I did some writing I wanted it to be Kate (the character) again. I did the run up to the scene I’d written for FF. It’s made me want to jump back on that train. I started writing it about April last year and periodically wrote bits up until the end of October when I wrote Italian Infatuation for NaNoWriMo. (you know I still get  a kick when I say I wrote a novel in 30 days!) I’ve not done anything with it since because I feel like I should edit II before I go back. But, seeing as I’m not actually doing any editing, maybe I’ll carry on writing Holiday. Even if it’s just 250 words a day.

I’ve just had a thought: in the last year my writing has improved so much – I wonder what kind of state Holiday is in… Worrying.

I keep reading things about NaNo starting again soon – apparently it’s only about 70 days to go. I freaked when I read that. But then I realised that’s actually a couple of months. Actually it can’t be 70 days. November 1st anyway. I’m definitely going to take part again – I think I might write a teen romance for it. No idea why, the thought just came to me the other day. I’ve got a few months to think about it.

I found writing that particular scene for Fiction Friday from Kate’s POV to be a lot easier than the last time I wrote her story. At this time she’s just broken up with someone and is having a hard time getting over him. When I wrote the break up and the following bits for Holiday I found it hard cause I was in a really happy relationship – so identifying with her was quite hard. Because I’ve just been through a break up this time it was a lot easier (although I never found myself crying in an alley with a naked man behind me!) See another good reason for us breaking up – it’s helping with my story writing!!

I’m getting a little bored of the book I’m reading (NOT The Baby Group as the picture shows at the top of the page – I loved that). The story’s great and I love the premise of it, but the way it’s told is boring me a little. It’s like there’s too much background info which at the moment I feel is pointless. I hope things happen that needed all the extra story telling as I get further through it.

I’ve got another long weekend coming up next weekend. I’m going to spend three days with some family that have a pool in the garden (I’m going to see them though – honest!). I’m really looking forward to it cause I think we’re just going to chill the whole time (except when my cousin drags me out for a run!). I need to think of a writing project to get into those days. Maybe start editing Italian Infatuation. Maybe check out Holiday – see where I am, put bits together etc. I’ll have to see.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Thoughts

  1. Don’t worry- I’m sure Holiday is just fine and the parts that are not fine, you can fix them! 🙂
    I’m glad you’re taking a break to relax, that’s what summer is for. Have fun!

  2. Ever consider finding some alpha readers to take a look at your writing? It might not be a bad to find a couple of people to pitch your early writing to (for your novel). It might help you to feel more comfortable with what you’ve got written and where you are going with it.

    • I’ve acutally had a couple of people read Italian Infatuation, they helped how me a big problem with the MC. When I’ve done draft 2 I’ll be on the look out for more. It is a great idea, otherwise you have no idea if you’re on the right track or not.

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