Archive | July 26, 2010

A New Book, a Boring Book and Writing

I’ve just had a look at my stats and seen someone today has visited my ‘About’ page today.Which reminded me I need to change it. It says I’m a ‘twenty something…’ and I’m not anymore – I’m now thirty. I’m so not ready to change it to ‘thirty something’ so it might have to stay a lie for a while. Thirty Something is just such a big jump. Besides, EVERYONE says I look younger than I am so I can get awa with it. Plus really, no one knows (except me and the two other people that know ME – and my Mum’s not read this for months).

I got a copy of Rowan Coleman’s novel The Happy Home for Broken Hearts in the post today. On her Facebook page Rowan asked for bloggers to review the book that’s out in August. I’m so incredably excited! I’m slightly bored by the book I’m reading so want to stop it and start on this one.

The problem with that is I know if I put it down, I won’t pick it back up. I’ve also worked out the problem with it: I don’t really like the MC – I don’t care enough about them. The premise of the book is great, but I just don’t empathise with the characters. I don’t know if it’s cause they’re a different class to me – they’re totally upperclass and it seems to go through everything that happens, it’s money this, posh school that, more money the other. I’ve never had issues like this with any books, so maybe I just don’t like the characters. There is one that’s ok, and and I love the story so want to keep reading. Plus there’s not many books I’ve actually given up on. I hate giving up!

I feel like I’ve done nothing today. Writing wise. While at work. It makes me think – when I lose this job (I’m going to get made redundant in about 2 months) and get a ‘real’ job, when the hell am I going to write, blog and read blogs? I mean I do that all at work. I don’t know when real people do that. I guess they do it after work, on lunch breaks etc. And I guess if I didn’t come home and watch TV I could do it then. But when my housemate’s sat there it’s so easy. Plus the internet doesn’t work in my room. I need to see if I can get some kind of router or something to make it work. I don’t even know if anything like that exists.

Ok. I’m going to do some writing. After I check Twitter. And read a few blogs (just mananged to get my unread blog count on Google Reader by adding a few more people – and that’s not everyone I want to add!).