Stats, Visitors and More

Potentially the most exciting thing that’s ever happened has just happened to me. I was looking at my blog stats for today (is it normal to be a bit obsessive over this?) and saw that two people had used a search engine to find me. Not so strange, it happens pretty frequently – but what was strange/exciting/amazing was that they searched for ‘New To Writing Girl’. They searched for ME! They typed my name into a search engine, wanting to get ME! Me! How exciting is that? It means someone’s remembered my ‘name’ and looked for me. It has happened before, but it was my mum, I’m 99% sure this wasn’t my mum. Whoever you are, thanks you’ve made my day.

You know what is also making my day pretty regularly? Recently the number of hits I’ve been getting to my blog has almost doubled. I don’t really get all this online stuff, but I’m pretty sure the stats on here aren’t completely accurate – I think maybe if one person visits my home page, then clicks on another page, then another, it shows up as 3 views not 1. It’s irrelevant to this though, my numbers have increased. So, HELLO new readers. I hope you’re enjoying what you’re reading!

I’ve done something else pretty interesting today. I’ve been through all my folders etc where different parts of Holiday (my 1st novel – although really 2nd because Italian Infatuation is finished and this isn’t) are and put them in one folder. And counted the words. I’m roughly 22k words into it. I think I knew that, but had totally forgotten I’d done so much.

Since doing that Fiction Friday piece last week in Kate’s (MC) voice, I’ve got a renewed interest in Holiday. I really want to get working on it again. Before I do that though, I need to get it all in order so I can see what I need to do. When I was writing it last year I’d hop around different bits depending on how I was feeling that day, so now I’ve got bits and pieces but nothing connecting them.

I’m also a little worried about the ending, actually no, not the ending but the middle. I don’t really know what’s going to happen in the middle. I guess I just write it and let what happens happen. That’s kind of how I wrote Italian Infatuation. I had a rough idea of what would happen – listed day by day – but then made all the detail when I wrote it. That was 50,000 words though. This is going to be much more. I have no idea how many more.

I’m pretty good at getting word counts roughly right when writing without trying that much. Well, with my story for Rowan Coleman’s Short Story Competition I hit just over 900 on the 1st draft when the limit was 1,000; also with Italian Infatuation I got (I think) 52,000 which went perfectly into NaNo which is 50,000 words in the 30 days AND fits right in with the word count Mills & Boon ask for in their novels (which is what I am aiming for with this novel).

Since I said the other day that I am thinking about doing a teen romance for NaNo this year, I can’t get the idea out of my head. I even came up with a bit of an idea for it. I’m actually going to have to do some research for it. I’ve not really done that yet. I lie, I researched Italy quite a bit for Italian Infatuation – but after I’d written draft one (I left pretty big holes in it when writing it for the detail to be filled in at a later stage).

The problem with starting Holiday again, is that I’ll neglect my other projects. I really want to edit Italian Infatuation (not that you’d guess when it was 8 1/2 months ago I finished the 1st draft and have edited about the first 3 pages – out of 51). I also really want to work on my writing course. Again you’d never guess, I wrote the last assignment MONTHS ago and haven’t edited that either. See a pattern here at all…?

6 thoughts on “Stats, Visitors and More

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  2. Hi Helen
    Thanks for visiting my site. The wordcount thing was an eye-opener to me too!
    BTW I am similarly obsessed with blog stats and all those searches. I once blogged about Richard Armitage and since then the most common search for me is ‘Guy of Gisbourne’!

  3. I’ve noticed that someone’s been googling my name too. Luckily they haven’t found my blog since I keep my real name off it. I don’t want anyone to find it using my real name.

    Well done getting the new readers. I wish my blog would get more and I’m doing anything and everything I can to make this happen.

    I hate the ‘Do I write Book 2 or edit Book 1’ debate. The whole ‘if I do that I’m neglecting that project’ problem. I’m sort of there at the moment but I’ve made a decision to hold off on all projects and go with the new novel idea I’ve got cos it’s excited me more than any of my other projects.

    It’s a tough choice to make!

    • You’re doing really well with writing the new novel, so I reackon you’ve made the right decision. Just hope I can too. If only I could give up work, stay at home all day and do both! One day…

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