Archive | August 3, 2010

Redundancy, Jobs and Writing

After my week starting so well with a day off yesterday, I think it’s pretty likely to fall into the gutter on Thursday. I have a terrible feeling I’m going to get my one month notice for redundancy. Agh. Eek. Damn. I might be wrong, but that might be the case. I really hope not cause that means job hunting will go to the top of my things to do list and I know writing, blogging and keeping up with the writing world I immerse myself in will get neglected. I know I’m going to have the notice at some point so have to look for a job then, but later is much better in my opinion than sooner.

I had some interesting conversations over the weekend that have made me think a lot. I spent the weekend with my family out of town, and told my aunt and cousin a lot more about this whole writing thing than I had done before. This lead to them reading some of my stories, part of Holiday and lots of chats about them both.

I told them that I decided 18 odd months ago that I was going to try to make it as a writer and do this writing course, and not worry about a ‘real’ career until I’d finished the course – giving myself the opportunity to see if I have what it takes. I sometimes forget that I made that decision. If I forget about it, or go back to working some hard job that requires more than 40 hours a week effort, I bet I’d stop working on the course, then always have that what if… hanging over me.

They likened writers to actors – do what they can to pay the bills until they get their big break! I have wondered if maybe I should go back into hotels cause then I could work shifts and I’m sure if I didn’t start work until 3pm I’d be more motivated to write in the morning. But then I remember I want a social life and discount that idea. Oh god, why can’t I have it all? Or win the lottery so give up work.