Archive | August 8, 2010

Quick Sunday Blog

I really don’t have time for a blog cause I need to do some ironing, then go to bed early (I’m working early), but I wanted to do a very quick random Sunday blog seeing as I’ve actually done proactive stuff this weekend.

Yep. You guessed it, I’ve done some writing. In fact I’ve done some writing today, and did some yesterday. Roughly 400 words over the weekend. I used the prompts from NovelKicks both days because I couldn’t think of anything myself. I’m still writing everything it seems in Kate’s voice (except Fiction Friday). It’s interesting seeing how she reacts to different situations.

My mum got on my case on Friday about joining a writing group. I’ve already looked around London and found a few that would be good to join, but at the time I had too much going on in my private life to be able to even consider doing it. Then I just forgot. Glad she reminded me actually. I’m going to look into it again tomorrow. It’s not like I’m doing much at work at the moment.

Yeah, in fact for until I leave there (when I get a new job, or get made redundant at the end of Sep/beginning of Oct) I’m pretty much going to be doing nothing. My job is 2/3 switchboard/1/3 reception. But they’ve just moved the switchboard to another office. But they want to stay fully staffed until the end. Personally I’m pretty happy about it. I think maybe, I’m not sure but maybe, I’ll edit Italian Infatuation.

I guess if you believe in fait and that things happening for a reason (my motto in life is ‘Everything happens for a reason’), the fact I found the copy I printed off today should mean that I should edit it. What else am I going to do? Oh, I know – write Holiday. One or the other anyway.

I wonder if I could edit II while also writing Holiday? They’re in different tenses, different POV and for different markets, so I’m not sure it’s even a good idea to consider it.

Ooh, talking of tenses. Most of the books I read are past tense. Occasionally I find one in the present. As I blogged the other day, I sometimes find it hard to get my mind round the change when I’m reading two different ones back to back. Well, I started a new one today that was present – like the last one I read – and it took me three chapters to realise it was in that tense. That was great cause when I went from past to present on the last two, I found it pretty hard going.

If I have this problem, why am I writing Holiday in present tense? Hmmmm. Possibly something I need to think about.

The new book I’ve started is Brown Owls Guide to Life by Kate Harrison. I’ve had the book for ages and just not got round to reading it, but as I’m going to an author thing in a few weeks that she’s going to be at, I really want to have read something of hers. I think I’m going to enjoy it.

I had a plan today to finish my writing course assignment. Reading this morning and a serious spring clean of my room this afternoon/evening changed that plan. Which to be honest I’m a little annoyed about. But, if my room’s clean and tidy it might encourage me to go back there to write after work. Actually my housemate’s away this week, which means when I get in I won’t go and sit in front of the TV (that she always has on) I’ll turn on my laptop and probably play on Facebook all night instead. Ha ha. Well, maybe if I didn’t have plans almost every night I’d get some writing done!

Ok. Early start, so have to hit the sack. I’m going to have  a good writing week this week. I am, I am. In fact, I have a feeling this week is actually going to be a great week! I’ll keep you posted 🙂